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January 29, 2010


This is my favorite dress that Katharina owns.  It is difficult to see from the picture but, it is complimented so perfectly with her skin tone and the color of her hair.  She has a matching hairbow that also matches the dress and shoes.  You cannot see it with the angle of this shot.  She has the biggest blue eyes. 

We saw this dress at the Mall of America when I was pregnant with her before we even knew we were having a girl.  This will be saved when she outgrows it and some day perhaps worn by grandchildren.  It is a gorgeous gold embroidered dress. 

I entered this picture, which I took of her, into the beautiful baby contest for Gerber and Parenting magazine.  I am not sure how much of the photo is seen in judging.  I uploaded the whole picuture but, it also has you crop it.  The cropping is used in the online voting for sure for the 10 finalists but, I do not know if they see the whole picture for the first run through.  They did show the full pictures live on the air though. 

I would have liked to get some better shots of her but, she is unfortunately sick this week.  Whether she wins or not, she is my most beautiful baby in the world.  She is a miracle and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

I hope that you will look for her to place your vote starting March 1st.

January 25, 2010

GOT CAKE? Cricut Cookies!

All the anticipation and waiting on top of talk about cakes and cookies...I broke out my cricut and cut some bug heads! I went all Rogue! 

Hello Rogue Cake!!!!

It sure would be cool to win a new machine but, all this talk of cake is making us all hungry!  You know I'm thinking that cookie looks quite good on my dishes! LOL It matches the cricut green and the pink on the cookie!  Such a great combo!!! YUM!!!

January 24, 2010

Paper Doll Dress Up Trunk

Blackbearblackbear was inspired by the Provo Craft contest and recreated the Paper Doll and Trunk.  Here are her two versions that she made using GBS, EDPD and PDDU: 

I converted the file for her to a gypsy file for our gypsy creators.  If you click on the top where it says files, it will take you to the files that are available for download.  I have the file available for download for the gypsy.  Please check with the cricut messageboard for the cut file for design studio that Blackbearblackbear so graciously provided.  If you have any questions, Blackbearblackbear just made these and posted them on the cricut messageboard here.

If you click here then, click on the file name pdtrunk.txt, then, right click on the file, click save as to save it on your computer (wherever you save your cut files) be sure to change the file extension from .txt to .cut then, click on save.

For a Plantin Schoolbook version that Rebecca converted, click here

Sparkly Sweet Surprise Winners Announced!

My darling son will be picking the winners. The poor little guy is sick and it is bedtime so, he is not as energetic as normal. He is sporting his cool PJs!

Congratulations to the Winners!  Please contact me with your address. First place: Brenda aka HappyScrapper64.  second: Valeri (aka uoduck) and Third: jennifer

please contact me with your information


Those that did not win this time, check back.  You never know when there will be some nice blog candy! 

Also, no one goes away empty handed.  For those of you that do not have the Storefront cartridge with the cool bug, Susan Edwards created a bug head on her blog, busy with the cricky.  You can download it here.  Remember to stop by her blog and let her know how much you love the bug!

Sparkly Sweet Surprise RAK update!

Since January 18th, I have been having a Sparkly Sweet Surprise RAK.  If you have entered already this week, do not enter again.  Only one entry per person please!  Enter for your chance to win a bug head cart, SV DVD or Paper Stack!

There will be three winners! There are three prizes: a bug head cart, SV DVD or Paper Stack! First place, picks which one of the three they would like. Second place, picks from the remaining two. Third place, receives the third prize.

click here for details on how to enter

Good Luck to Everyone!  The Winners will be posted on my blog Monday!

Once Upon A Princess Cart Sneak Peek

Shannon went to CHA and took these pictures to share.  Here

Cricut Handbooks for your Binder

You can find access to the files to print and make your very own cricut handbook binder handbooks 1-69

Also, the rest of the files and updates can be found on the message board. 

If anyone knows where a file is to download all of the 120+ handbooks in one download instead of clicking on all of them individually, please let me know. 

I know some have been printing only the ones that are needed but, yes...I do own all of them except Pink Journey and Picturesque. 

January 23, 2010

Cricut CakeTM Personal Electronic Cutter

Click here! to view the video from CHA

January 22, 2010

CHA Winter 2010 Sneak Peeks! Cricut Carts!

There are more carts coming.  You can see them here

The robots and nursery rhymes look great!

I know I have some nursery rhyme paper and stamps for that one already! 

Cricut Design Studio Update

Get it Here!

Got Cake?

Provo Craft CHA Announcement

hello.....we were speculating this for months!  Plus, people have been using their cricuts for years.......nothing else??? Something new????

Side by Side

Here is a Side by Side comparison to the aesthetics of the two machines

so what is different on that cake cricut other than color, longer overlay? i see you can get the covers for the blade housing with new blades separately. it looks pretty close to my red cricut i have already. i really would like to know. is it just the same cricut with a different coat of paint and rain gear? [:D][:D][:D]

New! Cricut CakeTM Personal Electronic Cutter Accessories!

Here are some new accessories for the Cricut CakeTM Personal Electronic Cutter.....



The above prices are the projected amounts.  Check with ProvoCraft to verify the prices.

January 21, 2010

CHA Winter 2010 Sneak Peeks!

click here

Cake Basics Cartridge

Here are the images for the cartridge.  click here

The machine can be seen below

CHA in Chicago 2010

The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to announce it's 2010 Summer Convention & Trade Show and Craft SuperShow will return to the Donald E. Stephens Convention and Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois after one season in Orlando, Florida. The annual CHA Summer Trade Show will be held Tuesday, July 27 through Thursday, July 29, followed by the CHA Craft SuperShow consumer event Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31, 2010.

Do you plan to attend?

The code is: WORKSHOP

This will get you a 2 day show ticket for free with the purchase of 2 workshops or 5 dollars off a two day ticket ($3 off a one day ticket)

The flyer from Michaels actually has two seperate codes one for the workshop & one for the ticket discount. But when I worder mine I entered the workshopcode, then I didn't find two classes I wanted- just one. When I checked out it gave me the 5 dollars off instead of the free tickets. JUST AN FYI

Here is a code for a discount off of the tickets if you don't plan on doing the workshops.

0681836 is the code number. $3 off one day, $5 off two day admission

January 20, 2010

CHA... Cat is out of the Bag!

Along with a princess cartridge to be released is the new cricut machine being marketed to cut images for baking.  You can see more about it here.  They had it listed on the Provo Craft website but, they pulled it this morning.  Here are some sneak peeks.....

The above link is what is new for CHA.  They have a machine they are marketing for cutting fondant and other medium using the new cricut for cake decorators.  It looks like the regular cricut but, has an overlay on the keys and display.  It also seems to have a cover to protect the cartridges.  Although with a juke box or a gypsy, your cartridges are protected too.  I don't know how messy you would get if you use it for industrial applications that it would warrant a protection for the cartridge.  The machine is black and red for $400.

This really is not a new concept as many mediums have been cut on the cricut for years. 

I am not sure what enhancements or changes were made to this. I am sure we will hear more about it.

Will you be getting one?

remember to post for the rak under the 1/18/2010 post not this one. Please only one post per person.

Hint: it's not the machine or these cartridges unless Provo Craft decides to give me one for a give away! I don't think that is happening though.  LOL

January 19, 2010

Update: Sparkly Sweet Surprise!

I just heard a truck so I spring up to greet whom ever might be here with a parcel for's the UPS man!!!! YIPPIE!!!! I get all excited only to look down at the label and it is for my husband!? OMG!? Is this a joke!? :sigh: I guess I will have to wait and hope the mailman has it today. What a cruel cruel joke........

remember to post for the rak under the 1/18/2010 post not this one.  Please only one post per person.

January 18, 2010

Sparkly Sweet Surprise!

I went to pick up some things yesterday for my project that I am working on.  Also, since last week, I have a few things being sent to me.  So, they are on their way but, I am busting at the seams to get started!  I am so excited! I wish there was mail today! I am stalking the mailman (hmmm or was it UPS or FEDex) for my package!!!!! :sigh: Did I say I was excited?

It's sure to be a sparkly sweet surprise!

Also, I will be doing a surprise RAK in honor of CHA and Provo Craft's Sweet Treat.  All you have to do is become a follower on this blog (click on the botton on the right to follow) and enter a comment on this blog post.  I will do a drawing from those that post a comment here through January 24th, 2010 at 5:00 pm central standard time.  The winner will be announced on my blog on Monday, January 25th.

hint: it's not my quilt from the cropping with the stars
hint: it's not the cake cricut, or the cake cart or the new once upon a princess cart but, you can see pictures of those on my blog. 

January 15, 2010

Lover's Knot Quilt (Cropping with the Stars)

This is made using Eleanor Burns Lover's knot technique which form an elegant pattern that intertwines to form a knot. This quilt uses four colors for the main blocks. I took poetic liberties adding a coordinating solid fabric for the appliquéd hearts using the gypsy and gypsy font that is pre-installed on the unit. I cut out hearts on the cricut expression to place an appliquéd heart on the darkest ‘knot’. Adding to the romance of the lover’s meeting, it is quilted in a meandering pattern just as we go together through life. The heart at the knot symbolizes for me the love that is shared and holds the lovers together as they meander through the struggles and joys of life.

Cartridges:  Gypsy Font

Supplies: 4 colors 100% cotton fabric to make up the lover’s knot block. 1 solid 100% cotton fabric to cut out the appliqué hearts, multi-colored thread for the quilting and invisible thread for stitching around the appliqué if desired. Steam-A-Seam 2, iron, ironing board, scissors, exacto knife and cutting matt. Quilting square to square up the blocks. Your choice of quilt batting to go between the pieced top and the solid back. Sewing machine, quilting machine and thread., brayer, new cricut cutting blades., painters tape, appliqué needles Cricut Expression, Cricut gypsy and Cartridges: Gypsy font


Using the Eleanor Burns Lover’s knot pattern which incorporates 2 – ½ inch strips, complete the blocks according to her publication instructions using machine sewing technique. The strips form an elegant pattern that intertwines to form a knot. This quilt uses four colors for the main blocks. I took poetic liberties adding a coordinating solid fabric for the appliquéd hearts using the gypsy and gypsy font that is pre-installed on the unit. I cut out hearts on the cricut expression to place an appliquéd heart on the darkest ‘knot’. Adding to the romance of the lover’s meeting, it is quilted in a meandering pattern just as we go together through life. The heart at the knot symbolizes for me the love that is shared and holds the lovers together as they meander through the struggles and joys of life. After assembling the quilt and quilting the layers together, I picked a coordinating solid fabric that is in the paisley fabric for the appliquéd heart. Using my gypsy I opened a 12x12 matt and selected a heart with a scroll in it that complimented the fabric design. It is in the Gypsy Font under the Monogram Shadow on the bottom row second to last key. I added it to the mat at 3.5” x 3.5” for width and height using the real size button. I copied it and had 6 on the page. Next, I took the sheet of Steam-A-Seam 2 removing one of the paper backing off and placing it on the wrong side of the solid fabric for the appliquéd hearts. I ironed this onto the fabric making sure to remove any bubbles. I took a new 12x12 matt and using my brayer rolled it securely to the cutting matt. I used blue painters tape and taped the edges of the fabric to the cutting matt. I set the cricut machine to blade setting 6, speed- medium and pressure – max. I loaded my mat using the gypsy and cut out 6 hearts. I repeated this process until all of my dark blue knots had an appliqué heart for the center. After cutting, I removed the hearts and ironed them to the quilt using the paper backing of the steam-a-seam 2 paper that was removed. I used scissors, exacto knife and cutting matt as needed. Then, you can use invisible thread and quilting needles and hand stitch around the appliqués if desired. This is not a required step but, finishes the project and is recommended before washing your quilt after normal use. This makes a great bedspread, quilt for cuddling on the couch or even picnics. You are only limited by your imagination. It is also great for curling up under while designing more projects with your gypsy whether at home or on the go. I hope you are inspired by my project.

You can see more entries here.

Free Pattern Instructions to Sew a Cover for Expression

2010 CHA WINTER sneek peeks!

Here is a link with some sneek peeks!

No mention of Provo Craft.....

I would like the .jpg conversion added to the gypsy, hide contour, split apart, .svg, and all the capabilities of mtc and SCAL2.0 into their gypsy. i know a wild dream~

I'm sure they'll announce new carts.  I'd love if they would add pink journey, picturesque, potpourri to the rewards site.  The closest to picturesque might be to buy an empty box! LOL 

:singing......"only but a dream":

January 12, 2010

Word/Shape Book Swap Join Today!

"If you'd like to join, decide on a theme and post [ ]. Create a .cut file or a .gypsy file of a book, either using letters or shapes or a combination! Send the files to [Gail] . SIMPLE! Nothing to cut, decorate, buy supplies for, mail or stalk the postman for! "

Gail will collect the files and will create a zip file.  I think you can provide either a .cut and/or a .gypsy file and she will do the rest.  Have the files to Gail by 2/1 or sooner.  There are already a number of files that she has collected. 

Thanks to Gail for doing this!  If you have any questions on this, please direct them to Gail at the link above. 

This is a great way for us to share some awesome files! 

Target Mailbox Cut File

If you want the cut file, send a PM to luvmygirls on the cricut MB.  She will graciously send you the cut file. 
Here is a link to the message board.

Also, for us Gypsy ladies, you can download a cut file at:
I have been trying to get a mailbox to use the cut file but, I have not tested this myself yet.

January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well, I'm about 3 days into trying to stop drinking my diet pepsi.  I don't know what they put into it but, the pepsi is calling my name and laughing at me.  It will probably be years down the road but, I would not be surprised if they say that diet colas have something in it besides caffeine that makes us crave it!  Also, it seems to have something in it that makes my ankles into cankles!  i've noticed that already they look so much better.  All that I have avoided was the diet soda.  I would like to say that I went on a diet or cut out sugar but, as of yet.....nope.  I am only missing my diet pepsi.  :sigh: 

I don't know that I can say it's a full blown New Years Resolution.  I mean don't we usually make them only to break them? 

I do want to drink less diet soda, lose some weight (i mean don't most all of us wish for that) and scrap more.  Scrapping more also includes the sub-directories of take more pictures, spend more time with the family and enjoy and appreciate the time we have with them. 

My DS is 6 and enjoys doing arts and crafts so, I think he will have fun doing some things with me.  I ordered all the stickles and I think he will have a ball with them glittering anything and everything he can! 

yea! i have the tracking and the stickles are on the way!!!! yippie!!!

What goals have you made and how are you coming with them?

January 3, 2010

YourStory at oh my crafts!

yourstory is on sale for $34.99 but, if you enter a code NEWYEAR20 i believe it's another 20% off your order. That's the best I've seen lately. I did get mine for $24.99 plus free shipping on ebay but, I haven't see it lately for anything lower than $30.00. HTH

for inspiration, here are the entries for the yourstory contest with Provocraft.

Also, I think the OMC code might apply to cricut as well. That would bring the destinations cartridge and many others down to $39.99.  If you have been putting off buying the cartridges, this might be another chance to get them on sale. 

January 2, 2010

New Years Day Clearance shopping!

I snagged a bunch of nice ribbon packs from the Christmas section at 75% off.  I also have 2 boxes of sweeties that will be great to scrap on after the contents are releaved from them!  The boxes are way too cute not to scrap them!  It makes you look at some of the things that we toss to reuse them especially for using them for storing our little embellishments. 

I also hit Michael's and have a bunch of Christmas ribbon that was on 70% clearance. 

I think it was pretty productive! 

I am waiting for my stickles to arrive then, my New Year will definately be quite sparkly!  

OMG! I'm in heaven!

We went to the Christmas Market in Chicago over the holidays.  We picked up some great German sweets and the gentleman that handles the Sweet Shoppe shipped some Chipsfrisch Oriental chips to me!  YEA!!! I have not had them for over 7 years.  I am having a great New Year enjoying my chips! YUM!!!! They somewhat taste like a BBQ chip but, are a bit different.  If you are familair with the Magi trademark, they taste similar to the Maggi sauce but, on the chips! YUM!  Too bad I cannot make the chips on my cricut!  Now, that would be a feat!  Happy New Year's to everyone!  And happy scrapping!

This inspired me to make some gumbo! I am making it with some oysters, shrimp, crab and lobster! I'm thinking some saffron might be good to add as well.  oh and maybe some sweet corn cake or corn bread to boot! 

Presents Layout!

This week the SweetSassyDiva DT was asked to create a project using something we got for Christmas or recycling something that would have been thrown away. Well I did a little of both!

I made this layout using some wrapping paper from Christmas presents. So the wrapping paper was given as part of the gift (it was covering it) and it was going to be thrown away! I cut the 2 smaller red boxes (actually they are photo mat areas) down to 2.75x3.5, just a little bigger than a wallet sized pic, and the large blue one is approx 4.25x6.25 inches, just a little bigger than a 4x6 pic. the present is approx 3x3 and I used some of the ribbon off of another gift and made it look like it was wrapped around the box. The title "PRESENTS" was cut freehand from the same red wrapping paper. The tiny tag was also cut freehand and only adhered down on the top half of the tag to make it pop off the page a little bit. I adhered it all down. I like how this turned out.. pretty cute!


January 1, 2010

Favorite Projects of 2009!

well mine is my dd! She was born this year. And DS was my favorite project created in 2003!

I also am proud of my gypsy challenge. it was my first real project from my G. I welded images and flipped images. I also welded images form multiple carts. And has a matching envelope. 

I look forward to more over 2010!

Here's the yourstory competition but, I didn't participate in that one.  There are a lot of ideas there though.

Some more favorites are here.