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January 9, 2016

Cha2016 sneak peeks

The 75th anniversary of the craft and hobby association begins! 

The hot trend seems to be water colors. Tim Holtz and prima are two among many offering up options. It just reminds me of the stamping up water color crayons and the water brush. Perhaps, it's what's old is new or maybe there's a new twist or angle as Tim Holtz likes to put his spin on things?

All week Tim Holtz has been giving sneak peeks! Tim holtz has crayons which everyone seems to be chattering about. Check his blog for a whole week of posts. 

The prima offering just looks like a palette with pretty packaging. I'm leaning to say it's a grown up version of crayola.

I guess as industries are giving grown ups their own coloring books, they figure adults need their own crayons? Although I've seen many using copics with the adult coloring books. 

OLY*FUN™ fabrics remind me of a throw back to my friend's 80's Halloween wedding. He had a metallic sports jacket that he made. Oh if I only had that picture digitally at hand to show you what I mean. You can see their selection here:

Oh my! 12 more stickles colors! I remember the time these hit the market years ago! So many of us were clambering to get them all! I must confess that I haven't purchased them in years. Are these still a thing or are they like the skittles that were the rage? Do you remember dying the skittles with the alcohol inks?

Here's ranger inks press release:

My favorite part of each show is the display that graphic 45 has for their new launches in their booth. 
They have been doing sneak peeks on their blog each day this week. Here's the first one:

Enchanted forest would be great to create to showcase a London trip or around that area. 

City scales is great for European travel.

Ad tech has scented glue sticks. Apple, French vanilla, pumpkin pie and Christmas trees. I think that I will stick with diffusing Young Living essential oils instead that have therapeutic benefits. 

Either on trend or being pushed by a lot of marketing, it seems many are coming out with a plethora of planners. It appears that A5 is what most are offering. 

I'm old school and used a Franklin planner. I tend to use my digital devices lately but, am leaning to a smaller pocket size Franklin covey as of late. I love the real leather offer. Even a plastic and cardboard planner from a new hybrid company set me back around $80.  I thought I would check it out ESP as it had a rad color! Yep got me there! 

It seems many companies are offering different papers, washi tapes and other accessories. The design teams are showing you how to craft into your calendar. I wonder if we can get away with this during a board meeting or at our work desk? Um excuse me mr bossman while I go grab my copics to color coordinate my schedule and timeline. I'm not sure if they're trying to bridge the gap with hybrid calendars. I know I still have stacks of pictures trapped digitally on my computer. Even Becky Higgins hasn't cracked the code for my back log. 

Some of the companies offering calendar options are papers by graphic 45 in 12x12 and 8x8. Then, I've seen full on binders from the happy planner, Marion Smith, and Simple Stories. I am sure there are more. It seems there's a lot of companies jumping on board. 

What are you seeing as trends? Or do you just not get it? 

To give you an idea of the size of this event, check it out here: