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March 30, 2010

New tools?

I was looking at this punch that will cut little holes in your paper to minic the sheets in the spiral notebooks that the kids have in school.  I'm not sure if it will put the little cut tears in it or just the holes but, i thought that would be cute in the layouts.  In addition, I could still use acid free paper. 

Then, it hit silly!  If I truly want to do that, I could use a bind it all!

Or a small square punch or the punch for threading ribbons.  Of course, it depends on how often you will be making and using the torn notebook paper look in your projects. 

I can also bind up the papers and tags that I want to use in the future.

Tip:  You can use your BIA to make your own little journaling notebook.  Just journal, date and when you are ready to complete your project, just tear it out. 

The only thing is I just had to pick up the Martha Stewart Embossed Button Punch.  My I-top will make little brads but, this punch is a different type.  I just wish it was available in a smaller size. 

Oh why do they make such cute tools that we just have to have them?  What cross uses have you found for your tools?

March 28, 2010

Paper Calamity

While working on a paper project, I had the misfortune of not finding the correct shades to compliment my printed paper choice. I found all but, one color…..a green for my little Martian. I guess a Martian can be another color because I really do not know the true color of what a Martian would be. I mean I have not seen one nor have I received an invitation or a visit from a foreign visitor. Although I guess you could count my husband if you count Europe…hmmmm….nope you can’t really count him although the INS states on immigration paperwork to write the alien's name! LOL  Anyways, I digress...back to the dilemma that has me baffled. How to find a paper that my machine loves without leaving all types of ragged edges?! GRRRRRR

So, I wonder if the Cricut is a paper SNOB? Could it be? I have discovered that the more expensive papers generally do much better getting crisp clean edges. It does not do well with the packs of colored cardstock from Michael’s but, it will do the Recollections line of printed scrapbook paper. And the above picture is the Paper Studio line in Lime Green Linen. It cut so badly, that I would be so embarrassed if I was out at a crop or having a class or demonstrating the machine. OMG! Could you imagine if I was selling this line of paper? WOW!

In case you do not know, the Paper Studio was open stock at Hobby Lobby. While I can use it to hand cut, I sure cannot recommend it in the cutting machines. The other two rockets next to it in two shades of Teal would be the Brazil paper. See how nice the edges are and there are no pulls? If I could find a local store with a bigger selection, perhaps I could find the correct Lime Green paper for my project.

The sad thing is I also bought some solid cardstock from Hobby Lobby but, it did not state Brazil paper on it so, my guess is it probably is not. I have not tried to cut that yet but, I hope it is better than the Lime Green Linen printed paper or it will have to go back.

I also bought some cute boys paper there from the Paper Studio line but, it might have to go back or be used for an all hand cut project. Although I think it will more than likely go back because I love to design and the weld feature is my BFF! LOL

Be sure to test cut a line before you stock up on it or, at the very least, do a test cut on it before you cannot return or exchange it. It is not like I can even use the Lime Green paper as a test cut because looking at that mess……. :sigh: I would say OMG it is a flop!

Have you made a list of the paper that you absolutely love? And a second list of those that do not work for your needs? I know that I am adding to my lists.

March 27, 2010

Getting Your Feet Wet!

Do you look at the pile of supplies that you have accumulated? The cartridges that you fought tooth and nail for at Black Friday? Or marvel at the recent score that you SAVED SO MUCH ON? Do you gleam with delight at all the wonderful projects you are going to make with all the pretty paper? :SCREECH: SLAM the breaks on! OMG...Pretty paper? Use my supplies?! OMG!!!!! Then, it will be used up and I won't have anymore? :SHREEK: Hmmmm....does that remind you of anyone?

Well....pretty paper.....and supplies were made to be used up and made into beautiful creations! Did you know that once you use the paper you CAN get more? Yes, you can! Or you could buy a few extra sheets esp. if you made something right away with it because it (hold on a new concept here.......) would still be in print and available in-stock. Also, those stamps were made to be inked, used and appreciated outside of their original packaging! :grin:

Ok there are some supplies that are more difficult to get but, sometimes isn't that part of the fun of a hobby? Trying to find the best deal, or to have it first or maybe even something very special and limited like perhaps an antique button or a clipping of your child's first haircut?

There is a price or value on an item that we purchase but, it somehow becomes priceless when we put our personal touch on them. Not only that but, the wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling we get with the satisfaction of the amazing things that we made out of simply paper, glue and a little inspirational creativity spun onto it far outweighs the monetary value. An added bonus is the accolades that we may receive from a friend, family member or even someone on a message board, swarm, or a wonderful comment on a blog whether it is your blog or a link from another blogger.

The increased pleasure that you will arrive at by using and creating your own beautiful masterpiece out of paper and glue will be exponentially greater than that which you arrive at by merely looking at that stack of paper and embellishments.

An Added bonus, once you get going you will improve! :) I'm a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes I find that holds me back too. :D Think of all the missed favorite projects that would go uncreated. Think of the missed opportunity for someone else that might be inspired or use your idea as a jumping off point to put their own spin on it?

Or maybe you want to recreate a beautiful inspiring project from a designer. That might even help get your feet wet because I know it will give you some ideas.

My Gypsy really helped me to get my feet wet! :D i find more time to design and it's relaxing. I also decided to swarm once a month so, that gives me a definite time and place that I MUST DO SOMETHING! :D

Now, you might ask what about if I mess up my creation? It's ok with mess ups too because scraps work for other things too! lol Yesterday I made a mistake and was all off in another world and forgot to delete an image on my gypsy screen. Unfortunately, it messed up the image because it cut words where they shouldn't be! :D So, i just scooped up the cuts and re-cut the affected image. oops! will I do it again....I hope not but, I probably will! :D

I own too many cartridges not to get my mind busy and hands wrapped around my gypsy to cut another day on my cricut!

What's holding you back? What is your inspiration? It is time to get your feet wet and .....JUST DO IT!

March 25, 2010

Cosmo Cricket COGSMO

My cricut and Gypsy are really going to have some quality time together! 

I received my shipment of Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo today! It is great space, robot, teckie, boy to man paper! 

So many little time!

WOW! Quick Shipment!

I posted about this a few days ago.  There was a sale on the OUAP and here is the post.  WOW! I received it today!  Time to go RIP that PUPPY open! She has to BREATHE!!!! Ha Ha 

That was really a quick turn around! 

March 24, 2010

Just Because

If you are considering the new Just Because cartridge from cricut, be sure to check out this video.

There are helpful hints on labeling the book and determining what envelope to use.  Also, there seems to be a sizing issue.  Joy goes through some of this on the video. 

It really looks like a cute card.  I see a lot of possibilities for the cartridge.  I wonder if with the launch of this cartridge that Provocraft decided to get rid of the TBBM?  hmmmm.... I love my TBBM. 

March 22, 2010

Thank You Baby 2 Bride Card

I made this Thank You card by welding images from Gypsy Wanderings, Gypsy Font and Tags, Bags, Boxes and more.  I outlined the front of the card by replacing the blade housing with the cricut markers.  It gives more emphasis on the butterfly, flower and Thank you.  In addition, I used Graphic 45 paper, Dew Drops, ribbon and a beautiful antique button pre-WWII.  There is so much detail in the button that just is not captured in the picture.  It has 4 delicate pressed flowers in the center which you cannot begin to even see in this photo.

I used the Color Box Paintbox Ocean breeze in a chalk ink to help the card pop. 

Inside the card is a beautiful coordinating print.  You can leave it or add a coordinating solid cardstock to write your personalized message.  The pictures do not do this justice!  It looks beautiful in hand!

I did need to use the little dental pick to get the small little pieces out.  Some of them wanted to stay for the delivery of the message.  I do not blame them because it makes it hard with all its beauty to send this thank you to another home. 

I hope that this inspires you to create something unique and all you! And as always, please send me a message and let me know how this inspires you. 

Once Upon A Princess Cart

You can get Once Upon A Princess Cart here for under $30 during their sale!  Hurry or you will miss out!
I do not have any affiliation with them.

Here are some actual sneak peek cuts in case you have not decided yet.

And the handbook is here.

March 21, 2010

Sunshine is Heading My Way!

I am SO excited!  Look what is coming my way!  OMG! I could not believe it!  Do you know what this is? 

March 20, 2010

Yea! Finally....the Gypsy Font Update is Ready!

here are the details! 

I have not updated my Gypsy yet.  I hope PC completes the fixes soon so, we can have more than the font updates.  We are still waiting for some fixes and enhancements. 

I have been having problems with converting in DS and tranferrring to the Gypsy.  This is very frustrating and I hope that is fixed soon.  It is not a user error because it had worked in the past and all of a sudden WHAM!

I am going to enjoy creating some projects in my Gypsy. 

March 19, 2010

In with the New...Out with the Old?

So last month, as we were elated on the release of the new cartridges, it was announced that we would be losing some of the cartridges in cricut Provocraft's stock.  It seemed that the cartridges would never retire although I am not sure if that was stated by PC or was just urban legend. 

While many would love to own all the cartridges and while some of us do, others are trying to get the cartridges as they can and their budget will allow for sometimes getting very creative as well. 

Have the cartridges on your must haves become on the list of Provocraft Cricut to discontinue as well? 



Sans Serif


Street Sign

Tags, Bags, Boxes & More

 I am very surprised by the TBBM.  Which one(s) do you still need to pick up?  What will be on the hit list for next month? 

March 18, 2010

Handbooks to Boot!

The new handbooks are ready for your enjoyment!

Create a Critter


Even more!

Did you see the cute cuddlebug folders coming out?

oooh la la!

March 17, 2010

And then there were more!

Seems the following cricut cartridges are on their way out......of course we have heard and seen Robotz but, rumor has it......

more cake cartridges ....of course for the cricut cake machine. Seems to be Birthday, Elegant and Holiday cakes are on their way. 

Also, the three Summer seasonal cartridges look like they will be:

Independence Day

Summer In Paris (I have actually been here and it was very near and dear to my heart as we went there for our Honeymoon)

Summer Vacation

Along with Robotz we also saw Nursery Rhymes at CHA but, it seems it will be debuting as well.  It looks somewhat like ACY. 

Here are some of the Nursery Rhyme sneek peeks from CHA.  I do not recall where I found them but, if you know, I would be happy to site the source. 

Then, there is also Create a Critter.

We should know more tomorrow during the Hello Thursday unveiling. 

Also, it seems that blackletter, christmas, sans serif and street sign are on the farewell list.  So...time to either scoop it up or hope it will be available on the secondary market later.  Or unless PC finds more and more or perhaps creates more like with storefront and daisy chain? 

Even though we might see cartridge images, you still never know if it will be an exclusive in a bundle like we are still waiting for Pink Journey.  oh or the Cake cartridge!  Or perhaps it is on pre-order with an online vendor and only some orders are full-filled while we wait for it to be released to the mass.  Is there a lesson that we were supposed to learn here such as...if you snooze at the high lose! (sound familiar....could it be ....picturesque?)  Don't we just love the high prices it goes for on ebay?  I know I am still waiting for them to be released to the average Jane and Joe!  Or the ill fated European cartridge? you recall although some sites had it on pre-order it was pulled!  hmm....were there any carts actually created to someday leak out in rewards, contests or the secondary market at rediculous prices?!  OH I know....they might split it up into 10 minis or distribute the cuts into other numerous cartridges so we scramble to get those? 

Only time will tell......When will you get your copy? Which ones will it be? What price are you willing to pay?  Good luck in your hunt!

Gypsy and Catridge Exploration Videos

Here are some Gypsy videos that are an overview and give you a good first look.  There are also about 6 mini videos that go over the buttons.  To reach the additional videos, click on the tab labeled 'gypsy'.  These are more basic videos for those that are new to the Gypsy or considering taking on walk on over to the other side. 

Also, beware if you click on the tab labeled 'cartridges' or here you can find a minute of cartridge exploration on a number of newer cartridges.  They also show straight from the nest just in case you are still not ready to fly on over to HSN to pick up your copy this video just might help you to make the leap. 

I also have some other links and pictures posted on my blog to further show you some of the creative ideas others have used the cartridge to create.  From birth to empty nesters as well as between and beyond, there is something for everyone in this cartridge.

Also, if you are interested in printing the handbook images to put them in a binder under plastic, you can get information on printing them here.  They will print out 3 handbook pages to one 8 1/2 x 11" page. 

March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It is that time of year when we Spring ahead and set our clocks for Summertime to approach!  Time for the buds to adorn all the trees and tulips to make their way to grace our flower beds with a bounty of color.  Time for the colorful eggs to be hidden in the bright green grass and the Easter bunny to bring baskets of sweets!    

Grab your cricut and make some paper flowers to adorn your centerpieces!  Here is pictured a sweet little basket with some paper flowers cut from the cricut and layered around some lollipops.  I added a beautiful pik with eggs and bunnies as well as some peony blooms but, you could easily fill the basket with more paper flowered lollipops.  In the back, is a print by Holly Pond Hill of the Bunnies enjoying the beautiful outdoors.   Just add a beautiful frame and it is the cutest little vignette. 

I am so excited that the weather is even cooperating the last few days giving way to the promise that Spring has arrived.  (ok we are not going to talk about the weather man forcasting snow for saturday!)

Robotz Invasion!

WOW!  I am so excited!  My Robotz cartridge came yesterday and is filled with all kinds of Robots!  You are going to love it! There are also windows that you can cut and hide pictures or all types of surprises behind them! Although the biggest surprise is the release of this cartridge.  Provocraft has not even announced the release of this cartridge unless you count the images that were shown at CHA!  All of a sudden it just showed up in Meijer stores and it created a wave of interest to obtain a copy. 

Back to the cartridge... It has many layers, shadows and a font and font shadow.  The five 3D cuts are sure to be a hit to any party!  Also, included in the handbook you will find instructions on making your own party invitation.

You can see more that Dawn made here

March 15, 2010

Xyron Spotting during Whale Watching

Last week, we had homework to make a Whale Habitat.  I say we because as Mother's know some how it gets thrust upon our shoulders to do it with our kids.  Besides, how much can a 5 year old really do especially with specific instuctions to even cover the outside of the box.  So, we cracked out the stash!  We used some colored cardstock, Xyron (permanent so it stuck to that stubborn box and made it to school in one piece) and all the other tools!  We then took it over the edge and grabbed the stash of stickles and added tons of sparkle!  I am sure the Whale will LOVE LOVE LOVE the extra care that was taken to make it POP!  I hope Mr. Whale loves his new spot in my son's kindergarten class!  We also had to add a fact about Whales that we learned.  Well.....I sure could not add about the tragic loss in San Diego.  My son added that Whales live in the ocean.  It is great to learn about Whales but, not at the cost of life to the animals nor trainers.  Our prayers and postive thoughts to the family on the tragic loss.  I truly hope that no further losses occur and we can learn without putting more lives in danger. 

I hope you enjoy his Whale Habitat that we made together. 

Another Spotting Straight from the Nest


Be sure to share the Love! Pam used a lot of circles to jazz it up!

March 13, 2010

OMG! What a wonderful Birthday Surprise!

I do not believe it! My darling husband has been trying to surprise me.  I came across this and OMG!!!! He made up a paper even searching for pictures.  It says:


I would love to give you a year of vacation on a tropical island…

But, your family can’t make it that long without you.

Would you like a day at a spa?

As an example:

The Ultimate Escape (approx. 6 hrs.)

Includes 90 minute Relaxation Facial, 90 minute Hot Stone Massage, Elite Manicure, Elite Pedicure and Aqua Detox.

Body Spa


I feel truly blessed with such a wonderful husband.  I feel I have all the riches of the world....Him and my babies! I just feel so special.

March 12, 2010

Straight from the Nest Card and Layout!

How about another creation to peek our

This is a card and layout is really cute!  pink and boys! oh my! Check out what Susan made here

I hope I get some time to play but, the baby is sleeping and I do not want to startle her with the cricut so close to her.  She just does not want to miss a beat.  Can you blame her?

March 11, 2010

Straight from the Nest Spring Layout!

My Straight from the Nest is arriving today so....time to stalk the UPS man! The bad thing is it will probably not be here until late so, no time to play.  I guess I better get working on updating my Gypsy so, she can play while we wait.  :) 

Here is a cute Spring Layout to get us in the mood.  Dell really made a cute Spring layout!  Now, if only the weather would cooperate so, I can get the inspiration flowing!

March 10, 2010

Pink Journey Elusive?

If you have not been able to get the Pink Journey, click here for more information.  You can see some image alternatives below with the pink images being from Pink Journey.  Most of the similar images are from Home Accents, Home Decor and Indie Art.

We have ribbons!  Pink Journey (in pink), the ribbon at the bottom is the one from Stand and Salute. You can also make your own ribbon using the ampersand (&) from nealy any font. The ampersands below are from George, Plantin and Don Juan.

I just think it is crazy what the cartridge is selling for on the secondary market.  It is not that breast cancer research is getting any additional funding from the sale of the cartridge outside of the initial sale. 

I still have not gotten it and would love to but, for a 'real' not inflated price.

You can see some cute cards that Kristen made with the cut from the stand and salute cartridge here.

(note:  to come back to the site just hit the back arrow button when you are done)

March 8, 2010

Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font

You can get the booklets for

Gypsy Wanderings here:

and Gypsy Font here:

You can also find the other handbooks on the cricut website.  Also, if you are interested in printing the handbook images to put them in a binder under plastic, you can get information on printing them here. They will print out 3 handbook pages to one 8 1/2 x 11" page.

Straight from the Nest exclusive from HSN!

I'm not sure how long the discount code will be good for but, C73967 is good for 15% off! yea!!!! Thanks GreenBean for sharing! 

That brought it down to $46.71 for the cart plus whatever shipping method you choose.  This is a lot cheaper than the prices on Ebay!

If you click on the link, you can see the book that comes with the cartridge to make your decision.

I am so looking forward to the designs that all the creative people come up with for this cartridge! 

I will have this in time for my birthday this weekend! yippie!

Cricut Cartridge Library and New to come!

You can access the books for the cricut:

Also, if you look at the free software available on the cricut website, you can see the images up close and personal.  You can also search for images using Design Studio or even the Gypsy.  I use my Gypsy a lot for searching.  You can also access a spreadsheet from yahoogroups that is more for those that are paper oriented. 

I really am liking the new straight from the nest.  It even has a butterfly kisses saying on it.  It makes it hard to pass up even though I know I can create my own sayings using my Gypsy.  It's just the song that we danced to for our Father Daughter dance at my Wedding.  I sure miss my Father but, I know he's watching his loved ones from above. 

If you have made something with a cut file to share especially using the new cartridge 'straight from the nest', please let me know and I will be happy to link to your blog.  If you do not have a blog, let me know and I would be happy add it to my blog giving you credit. 

I am so excited to see the new projects to come with all the new releases.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to see new projects using other older cartridges as well. 

Spring is in the air!