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November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday!

go to you can get free shipping for over $25 per their website. Also, save 50% off your highest, regular priced item by entering promo code SAVE0912 one coupon per person and offer expires nov. 30th at midnight. I got the bind-it-all machine for $35.

I purchased SCAL and am excited to receive it. I see a lot of postings for different files that are not compatible with Gypsy or Design Studio but, are with SCAL. Unfortunately, it's another program to try to learn. I really wish that I could add the SCAL program to my Gypsy. I really didn't want to buy a small computer like I have heard that some do for SCAL. I just find it difficult to find time to really get into something with my little ones. The Gypsy allows for portability and I can catch a few moments here or there. The cheapest that I could find it was for $60 for V2.0, unless of course you own SCAL 1.0 then, you can upgrade for $35. I am sure now that I purchased it that I will see it everwhere cheaper. Isn't that the nature of the beast? LOL

Black Friday Weekend

Well I survived the sales this weekend. On Thanksgiving, we packed up the family and headed to Michaels for the two exclusive carts. I picked them up and 5 others that I didn't already own. Unfortunately, the ones that I needed were the $36 priced items. When I came home, I purchased a few more online and I am waiting for them to arrive. I even scored one on ebay for about $15.00.

I tried to buy the cricut bundle online from WM but, couldn't get it going. Finally after DH did his shopping, I braved the store and picked up the black and red. I'm just torn between the two! lol I also bought two more carts there for $30.

Once all my carts arrive, I will only need the exclusive carts. Now if PC will add them to the rewards section, it will be a happy end to the year.

I am trying to figure out how to add pics to this blog but, the button for uploading pics doesn't seem to work. IDK is that a paying option?

I also found on a great paper to print out for free to plan my scrapbook pages. I also found that I can use my gypsy to plan a page too as I can now add pages to the file. I'm happy that they added that feature.

I find I can squeeze in time for the gypsy but, it's more difficult to pull out the cricut and such to get some cutting done.

November 3, 2009

Welcome to my G-Spot!

Welcome to my first official blog. This is my Gypsy Spot where I will post my latest creations. With my new Gypsy, I am not limited to the computer to create. I can create anywhere whether at my son's sporting events, swimming or sitting in the doctor's office. Where is your favorite spot to create?

My first project was for the contest by Gypsy and Michael's craft store. I made a thank you card that I used for my daughter's christening.

Please remember all content on my blog including but, not limited to my photos and videos are copyright © 2009 Bobbi Jo H.

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