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November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday!

go to you can get free shipping for over $25 per their website. Also, save 50% off your highest, regular priced item by entering promo code SAVE0912 one coupon per person and offer expires nov. 30th at midnight. I got the bind-it-all machine for $35.

I purchased SCAL and am excited to receive it. I see a lot of postings for different files that are not compatible with Gypsy or Design Studio but, are with SCAL. Unfortunately, it's another program to try to learn. I really wish that I could add the SCAL program to my Gypsy. I really didn't want to buy a small computer like I have heard that some do for SCAL. I just find it difficult to find time to really get into something with my little ones. The Gypsy allows for portability and I can catch a few moments here or there. The cheapest that I could find it was for $60 for V2.0, unless of course you own SCAL 1.0 then, you can upgrade for $35. I am sure now that I purchased it that I will see it everwhere cheaper. Isn't that the nature of the beast? LOL


JudyB. said...

Was wondering where you got the SCAL for $60?

SweetSassyDiva said...

i found the price online during cyber monday sales. The gentleman on ebay price matched it. i really would like to get mtc too but, didn't want to buy another software program. it's too bad that i didn't have a swarm that we could share software and such like others do.

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