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August 28, 2010

Join in on the French Manor Blog Hop!

I am doing a blog hop with eight wonderful ladies so, after previewing the project below and entering to win my blog giveaway, head over to quilt frog.  A special thank you to Jana at im never bored for organizing the details to bring this blog hop to you!  Be sure to check out all the wonderful blogs to see the projects highlighting the French Manor cartridge!  Also some fantastic giveaway opportunities!  I hope you enjoyed Jana's site!  There is more to enjoy! 

I  made this project using the Cricut French Manor cartridge that is a Cricut Circle Exclusive.  It's title is appropriately called BRIGHT!  It definately is BRIGHT! and very cheery and Happy!

The creative feature keys included on the French Manor cartridge are Layer, Card 1, Card 2, T@g 1, T@g 2 and Border. 

I used the Gypsy and Cricut® George and Basic Shapes, Storybook and French Manor cartridges.  I welded 3 Medalln1 borders together to form a longer border.  I cut this out of the hot pink cardstock.

I then welded the same image to a rectangle creating a mat out of patterned paper. I used my sewing machine to sew the pink border to the patterned paper on the top and bottom. Then, I adhered it to the block of pattern paper with adhesive to the layout.

I used the Gypsy to cut three Frame using Pink Cardstock on the first, used the hide contour to hide all inside lines creating a shadow cut. The second I used the hide contour to hide the inside straight cuts only. On the third, used the Gold Gemstone cardstock and cut as shown on page 58.  Then, Layer together using dimensionals. The inside piece from the third cut will be glittered using adhesive and glitter in Gold. Adhere to the middle of the frame giving a mirrored affect.  You can leave it as a mirror or better to add a photo to balance the layout. 

Using Gold Gemstone cardstock, select Birdtile Border then, cut Birdtile Layer. Then, repeat cutting another mirror image. Add a Swarovski crystal on each for the bird’s eye. Glitter one bird with Pink glitter and one with glass microbeads. Layer on top of the birdtile using dimensionals.

Using the Gypsy and Pink Cardstock, cut Birdstmp which I modified the height and width making it square. Cut a second one after removing the center square from the image with the hide contour in printed cardstock. Adhere pink frame to printed shadow cut using adhesive. Add a ribbon bow with a heart lock and key charms to the cut.  Place your favorite photo here.

Using the Storybook Cartridge, cut out B, R, I, G, H and T in yellow patterned paper. Use adhesive and Gold glitter to add sparkle. Place the embroidered flowers with adhesive on the layout. Place the letters “B, R, I, G, H AND T” between the embroidered flowers with adhesive.

Using the French Manor cartridge, select sofa T@g 2 cut out one each in two sizes with one a half an inch smaller in your choice of pattern paper. Select sofa Layer cut one an inch smaller. Use adhesive and glitter on the edges. These will create the flowers by layering one in the two larger sizes and using a brad as the flower center. The second flower will be using the remaining three different sizes. Add an antique glass button near the flower on the bottom right of the layout.

Add ribbon, charms, antique buttons, embroidered flowers. Your favorite pictures will go in the frame and in the stamp frame.

Now.....on to the Prize!  Seeing as this layout was so bright!  I have a stylin' pair of Imagine Sunglasses!  How can you win? Leave a comment on this post and subscribe/follow my blog! That's it! Drawing will be held on Saturday, September 4th.  Please enter once. You will have two weeks to claim your prize.

I am also doing a second drawing for a different prize.  Be sure to grab your list of cricut cartridges and take the 10 short question survey!  Click here for more details!  Or Click here to just take the survey!  There will be a drawing for a prize for those completing the survey and leaving a contact email.  The survey is anonymous to find out what you, the followers of SweetSassyDiva's blog, would like to see.  Also, positive comments on posts is another way to vote on what you like to see.

I also have more French Manor cards posted on my blog.  Click here to view Lion....thank you my friend!  Click here to view Peacock Amour! Be sure to check out the other blogs on this hop too!  Here there are.....

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August 23, 2010

Word on the street!

We will be doing a blog hop featuring the French Manor cartridge on 8/28/2010!  Be sure to check back here for the details!  I will be posting more in the coming days.  Looks to be an exciting chance to see some projects and some giveaways!  wooo Hoo!!!!  Looks like there are nine of us participating!

On another note, ABCricut made a spreadsheet with phrases and words to help you find the right phrase to add to your project.  Click here for your copy!  Be sure to send your love to ABCricut! 

And if there is not enough in the 4000+ phrases, you can always cut and weld your own.  :) 

Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful Summer weather!

August 21, 2010


Quite interesting!  Ok....he's a professional screen printer and WOW makes it look so easy! 

(note: if you are on email subscription, you can view on my blog.)

I have heard of people using their Cricut and using vinyl instead of the emulsion sheets.  I think this was amazing at how easy he made this look!  OK>>>>I'm sure if I tried it, I'd probably make a HUGE MESS!  lol

1/20th in savings though sure sounds GREAT!!!!

August 19, 2010

You're outta Here!

ok seems these are the ones we have retiring so far....

All Mixed Up

Christmas Cheer

Makin' the Grade

Mini Monograms

Paper Pups

Printing Press

Solutions Stone Script




Solutions Christmas Noel

Sans Serif

Solutions Street Sign


Tags, Bags, Boxes

Added today:



Be sure to grab your list and take the 10 short question survey!  Click here for more details!  Or Click here to just take the survey!  There will be a drawing for a prize for those completing the survey and leaving a contact email.  The survey is anonymous to find out what you, the followers of SweetSassyDiva's blog, would like to see.  Also, positive comments on posts is another way to vote on what you like to see.

Here is the list of cartridges so far:

1) 3 BIRDS ON PARADE Option 1

2) 50 STATES Option 2

3) A CHILD'S YEAR Option 3


5) ALL MIXED UP (R) Option 5





10) B IS FOR BOY Option 10

11) BASE CAMP Option 11

12) BASEBALL (R) Option 12

13) BASKETBALL (R) Option 13

14) BATMAN Option 14


16) BILLIONAIRE Option 16

17) BIRTHDAY CAKES Option 17

18) BLACKLETTER (R) Option 18

19) BLOCK PARTY Option 19

20) BLOOM Option 20

21) BOTANICALS Option 21

22) BOYS WILL BE BOYS Option 22

23) CAKE BASICS Option 23


25) CAMP OUT Option 25

26) CAROUSEL Option 26

27) CARS Option 27


29) CELEBRATIONS Option 29


31) CHERRY LIMEADE Option 31

32) CHORE CHART Option 32


34) CHRISTMAS (R) Option 34

35) CHRISTMAS CHEER (R) Option 35


37) CINDY LOO Option 37

38) COUNTRY LIFE Option 38

39) CREATE A CRITTER Option 39

40) CRICUT SAMPLER Option 40


42) CURSIVE 101 Option 42

43) CUTTIN' UP Option 43

44) DAISYCHAIN Option 44


46) DESTINATIONS Option 46


48) DON JUAN Option 48

49) DOODLECHARMS Option 49

50) DOODLETYPE Option 50

51) DREAMS COME TRUE Option 51

52) DUDE! Option 52

53) EASTER MINI Option 53

54) ELEGANT CAKE ART Option 54

55) ELEGANT CAKES Option 55

56) ELMO'S PARTY Option 56


58) FABULOUS FINDS Option 58

59) FEELING GROOVY Option 59

60) FOREVER YOUNG Option 60

61) FRENCH MANOR Option 61

62) FRESHLY PICKED Option 62

63) FROM MY KITCHEN Option 63


65) GIVE A HOOT Option 65

66) GOING PLACES Option 66


68) GYPSY FONT Option 68


70) H20 Option 70

71) HANDY MAN Option 71

72) HANNAH MONTANA Option 72



75) HELLO KITTY FONT Option 75


77) HERITAGE Option 77

78) HOLIDAY CAKES Option 78

79) HOME ACCENTS Option 79

80) HOME DÉCOR Option 80

81) HOOT N HOLLER Option 81


83) INDIE ART Option 83

84) JASMINE Option 84

85) JOYS OF THE SEASON Option 85

86) JUBILEE Option 86


88) KEYSTONE Option 88

89) LACY LABELS Option 89

90) LEARNING CURVE Option 90

91) LIFE IS A BEACH Option 91

92) LIVE SIMPLY Option 92

93) LOCKER TALK Option 93

94) LOVE STRUCK MINI Option 94

95) LOVELY FLORAL Option 95


97) MAKIN' THE GRADE (R) Option 97

98) MEOW Option 98

99) MICKEY & FRIENDS Option 99

100) MICKEY FONT Option 100

101) MINI MONOGRAMS (R) Option 101

102) MINI MONSTERS Option 102

103) MOTHER’S DAY MINI Option 103

104) MY COMMUNITY Option 104

105) MY WORLD Option 105

106) NEW ARRIVAL Option 106

107) NURSERY RHYMES Option 107

108) OCTOBER 1ST Option 108

109) OFFICE HELP Option 109

110) OLD WEST Option 110

111) ONCE UPON A PRINCESS Option 111


113) PAGODA PASSION Option 113

114) PAISLEY Option 114

115) PAPER DOLL DRESS UP Option 115

116) PAPER PUPS (R) Option 116

117) PICTURESQUE Option 117

118) PINK JOURNEY Option 118


120) POOH AND FRIENDS Option 120

121) POOH FONT Option 121

122) POTPOURRI BASKET Option 122

123) PRESERVES Option 123

124) PRINTING 101 Option 124

125) PRINTING PRESS (R) Option 125

126) PUMPKIN CARVING Option 126


128) ROBOTZ Option 128

129) ROCK PRINCESS Option 129

130) SANS SERIF (R) Option 130

131) SAVORY Option 131

132) SEASONAL CAKE ART Option 132

133) SENTIMENTALS Option 133

134) SERENADE Option 134

135) SESAME STREET FONT Option 135


137) SIMPLY CHARMED Option 137

138) SIMPLY SWEET Option 138

139) SLUMBER PARTY Option 139

140) SNOW FRIENDS MINI Option 140

141) SOCCER Option 141

142) SONGBIRD Option 142

143) SPEAKING OF FALL Option 143

144) SPEAKING OF SCHOOL Option 144

145) SPEAKING OF WINTER Option 145

146) SPLISH SPLASH Option 146


148) SPORTS MANIA Option 148

149) STAMPED (R) Option 149


151) STAND & SALUTE Option 151

152) STONE SCRIPT Option 152

153) STOREFRONT Option 153

154) STORYBOOK Option 154


156) STREET SIGN (R) Option 156


158) SUGAR & SPICE Option 158

159) SUMMER IN PARIS Option 159

160) SUMMER VACATION Option 160

161) SUPERMAN Option 161

162) SWEET TREATS Option 162

163) SWEETHEARTS Option 163

164) TAGS, BAGS, BOXES & MORE (R) Option 164

165) TEAR DROP Option 165

166) THANKS GIVING Option 166

167) TIE THE KNOT Option 167

168) TINKER BELL & FRIENDS Option 168

169) TOY STORY Option 169

170) VARSITY LETTERS Option 170

171) VERY MERRY TAGS MINI Option 171

172) WALK IN MY GARDEN Option 172

173) WALL DÉCOR & MORE Option 173

174) WEDDING Option 174


176) WILD CARD Option 176

177) WILD LIFE Option 177

178) WINTER FROLIC Option 178

179) WINTER WOODLAND Option 179




183) ZOOBALLOO Option 183

August 18, 2010

Sneak Peeks!

Here are some images of the cuddlebug folders due out.  You will notice that the Boys will be Boys has a matching folder.  Also, Nifty Fifties, Coolio and Birthday Bash.

I have some pics of the Nifty Fifties and other sneak peaks but, unfortunately, I am not able to share those online.  I guess after they are out then, I will be able to share them.  lol

The boys will be boys is viewable after you update your design studio or G.  You can begin designing to be ready to cut when the price is right.  I think it would look great with the Stampin' Up! Celebrations line of Designer Series Paper! 

If you do not have design studio, you can download a free copy to view them. You just cannot cut unless you buy the cartridge and the full version.  (I would tell you were to find it but, do to my first ammendment rights being stiffled by another party, I cannot point you in the direction to find it on another site nor my blog.  Don't you just love it!?) Anyway.....

If you missed the sneak peeks from the other day, ensure it does not happen again by becoming a follower of my blog.  You can find the button to follow on the right hand side and/or you can follow by email subscription.  After you become a follower, Click here! to see the three Winter Solution cartridges coming out soon!

I hope you enjoy my blog and your visit to my virtual home if you will.  I hope that you will be a gracious guest and leave positive comments.  It helps to encourage the efforts that go into extending an invitation for another visit.  Also, if you have any Stampin' Up! needs, please visit my online store by clicking here!  

Be sure to grab your list and take the 10 short question survey!  Click here for more details!  Or Click here to just take the survey!  There will be a drawing for a prize for those completing the survey and leaving a contact email.  The survey is anonymous to find out what you, the followers of SweetSassyDiva's blog, would like to see.  Also, positive comments on posts is another way to vote on what you like to see.

August 16, 2010

Survey Says.......

I created an anonymous survey to find out what the followers of SweetSassyDiva's blog would like to see.  I hope that I can get as close to full participation as possible so, that the results are reflective of those that either follow my blog through a reader or through email subscription.  Also, I do know that there are those that have not signed up for those services yet.  Please do so, that you do not miss out on anything.  Feel free to fill out the survey if you are a frequent visitor whether or not you signed up for a subscription. 

There are 10 questions and this will help me to provide more of what you do want to see here.  Please take a few moments and take the survey Click here! to start.  If you have your check list with you, it will make it quick and easy. 

For those participating, if you enter your email address in the survey, you will be entered in a drawing.  It is not required and your results will not be made public.  Although by taking the survey, you are winning because my blog will have more of what you are looking to come here to see. 

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your busy schedule and I hope you enjoy your day!

August 14, 2010

Time for an Update!

There is a font update available for Design Studio and the G!

The new Boys will be boys, Cheerful Season, Reminisce Accents, and the three minis:

Christmas cards

Christmas Village

and Thanksgiving

These will be viewable to start designing with after you do the update! 

The new Boys will be Boys is one of those that I was able to preview at CHA in the special circle room.  I am sure many will love it even if you have girls only.

August 13, 2010


I get to pick out some free stamp sets any price but, not hostess sets. If you were me, what would you pick from my website? There are just so many cute sets. I can't decide and there are cute alpha sets, images and sayings. I figured that the ladies here could help me narrow my choices. The obvious choice is something that is a bigger set as it's more versatile and heck...costs more so....why not save more esp. as I really worked on earning them. [biggrin]

i was eyeing up item number 114952 defining alphabet because i have the 114950 define your life and the font is the same. Or would it be ok to use the define your life with another font?

 I do really like the 118724/120585 broadsheet alphabet but, is it ok to mix fonts that are so different? I mean when I was a graphic designer we usually did not mix fonts but, seems I see such a mix going on now. and on broadsheet alpha you can choose wood or acrylic mount. I like the acrylic mount for space savings and ease but, is it better to go wood? I do love the boadsheet accents 118752/120621 but, that is one that i wouldn't waste one of my free sets on. I would just purchase it separately.

or there are just too many cute greetings stamps uGH like 'word play', full of life, or something more versatile or generic?

and the image stamps...WOW! where do I even start? although 116970/120474 'on the grill' or 113256 'totally tool' would go so well with your summer crafting needs!
What would you pick?

I invite you to link this post from your blog and hope that if you are not following my blog yet that you do. I also have a blog button that I would be honored if you would add it to your blog. Please stop by frequently and I find positive comments fuel the creative juices to post more frequently.

Please go through my stampin' up! website at or contact me to place your order if you have any stampin' up! needs!

Have a great day and weekend!

August 10, 2010

Your Heart will Flip Flop over Life is a Beach!

Hi everyone!  I am the guest designer today for Tuesday Treats.  This month we are using the Life is a Beach cartridge.  The hardest thing is trying to decide what to make and the inspiration does not always come so easily.  I sat down with my Gypsy and looked over the different images while thinking of what I might want to make for all of you.  Then, I thought what would be better for Tuesday Treats than some treats! 

I looked at the different images on the Life is a Beach cartridge and thought I know.....I will make some cookies!  YUM!  Some of you might not know but, Mercy has been trying to enable me about the Cricut Cake since it was scheduled to come out the beginning of this year.  Ok I must say she is not the only one trying to make me succumb to the Red beauty.  I have held strong and have waited.  The only thing that kept taunting me was cookies!  I have two little ones that would love shape cookies and who wants to store all of those cookie cutter shapes?  Although I guess you could use them to decorate your Christmas Tree or adorn your kitchen wall but, I just don't need all those cookie cutters in my house.  Plus, that is less room for more Cricut cartridges! So, we will make some cookies that you will FLIP over! 

You can use your favorite rolled sugar cookie dough or you can use the Sugar Cookies recipe.  Just make sure the recipe is for cut out cookies not just a sugar dough recipe.  You want a recipe that will not rise much nor spread so, that it maintains the shape.   Ok.....mix your dough.

Now, that you have made your sugar dough recipe you can follow along and pause the video as needed below.  (If you signed up for email subscription, you can view the video by going to my website.)  Enjoy the show.....

I hope you enjoyed the video and the tip on using the hide contour button with the upper left hand silver button.  This is extremely useful especially for those little lines that are hard to get with your stylus alone.  The recommended setting on the Cricut Cake to cut the dough is pressure 3 speed 3.

Bake the sugar cookies according to your recipe instructions.  Be careful transferring the cookies to wax paper to cool.  They are hot and like to break or dent if you move them too quickly.  Also, do not leave them too long or they might just stick to your pan.  I like to bake my cookies on a pizza stone or you can also use a cookie sheet of your choice.  If you are using a traditional cookie sheet, parchment paper helps that they don't stick to your pan.  Nothing worse than making beautiful shape cookies only to have them not come off the cookie sheet! 

As you wait for the cookies to cool, you will use your Gypsy or your Cricut Cake unaided and cut out the fondant or as I did use the Cricut Frosting Sheets.  The nice thing about fondant is that like cookie dough you can ball it up, roll it out and cut more from it.  Unfortunately, the Cricut Frosting Sheets have a learning curve and can be temperamental.  Furthermore, as you can see there is quite a bit of waste as you cannot ball it back up and use it again. 

In my house, that is not a problem though because I have a little one and a husband with a sweet tooth.  To my son that is a definite SCORE!!!!!  You can also cut them into bits and serve them as edible confetti on ice cream or other desserts.

Follow the instructions on the back of the Cricut Frosting Sheets package for directions on how to use the frosting sheets.  You will take a Cricut cutting mat and like I showed you in the video, grease the mat with Crisco or other solid shortening with a brush.  This is your glue to hold the medium to the cricut mat to cut in the cricut cake.

Place the medium on your mat, load it into the cricut and cut immediately.  The frosting sheets dry out very quickly and humidity will affect them. 

As you can see above, the frosting sheets are not 12x12.  You will need to plan accordingly in your Gypsy or move your arrow keys to begin cutting a bit in from where the medium is on the mat.

On page 64, of the handbook for Life is a Beach, cut out the image using the white frosting sheet at 3.75".  This will be the lining of your Sandal (flip flop).  I cut this one out using the Gypsy image that we used for the cookie base hiding the lines of the strap.  You could cut it out with the lines for the strap to use as guides but, I did not want to risk the frosting sheets tearing.  As you do not see the lines after you layer it and this is not a complicated image, I just omitted the lines. 

Next, we will cut out the strap for the sandals.  Press the "Layers" key and the  key.  This will be cut the same size as the base at 3.75", while making sure that the 'real size dial' is off.  Note: the default setting is off.  I cut this using the frosting sheets in green. 
After the cookies have cooled on the wax paper or parchment paper, you can assemble the cookies.  You can use water to gently brush on the underside of the cookie, royal icing or frosting for your edible glue.  I used some frosting to adhere my edible paper to the cookies.

Next, I added the green strap to the base.  You could also add some Wilton Pearl Dust or Sanding Sugar for some added sparkle, shimmer and bling! 

After you assemble all the cookies, you can put them on a plate or in your favorite glass bowl.  I used a pedestal glass bowl lining it with brown sugar to give it a beachy sand look. 

As you can see, I made a submarine, flip flops in various sizes and a cute little bikini top and bottom.  On the bikini, I used a red hot to adorn the top.  These are great for a picnic on the beach, beach theme wedding or any party.  I do not think that these cookies will last long because my family is ready to eat them all up.  These would make the cutest birthday favors just wrap them up in those little cellophane bags with a bit of ribbon.  Be sure to cut out the cute little matching tag that is available on this cartridge as well.  I just know that my son would have lots of kids wanting to trade with him at lunch with these adorable cookies!

What a handsome young man he is becoming! Still LOVE those matching dimples!

I hope you enjoyed the Life is a Beach cookies!  I would be honored if you are currently not a follower of my blog would add me to your list today.  You can find the button to follow on the right hand side of this post. 

I enjoyed showing you how to make some cookies.  I believe my son will enjoy them even more! LOL  I think I will go make some picnic items and head to the beach!  Perhaps, a cool tuna salad made with shell noodles to keep the beach theme going! Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!

Bobbi Jo

August 9, 2010


I found this quite interesting!  It seems to cut paper and cardstock.  I don't know the cost of the item but, it's quite interesting.  Have you used this and what do you think about it? 

Here is Teresa Collins showing how to cut with it.

The only thing is it has a set cutting path of either a single or double blade.  So, if you want to cut something in half or thirds, it sure looked easy enough.  Now, is it worth the price?  hmmmm not sure.  What are your thoughts or experiences on this?

August 8, 2010

Circle Calling Card!

This is the cute little calling card that I made at CHA in Chicago for the meet up on Friday, July 30, 2010, for the Cricut Circle.  They use a 3x3 card to do a drawing for fabulous prizes.  I used this cute little owl and he's holding a cute blinged cricut circle!  He didn't bring any luck to win that day but, I still think he was the cutest little thing all blinged up and ready to meet and greet!

The cricut even made a visit and everyone had an opportunity to get a picture taken with the big green bug!  You can see some fabulous prizes up front as well.  They gave away a lot of nice things including one new Cricut Imagine!

They also had the big cricut circle logo as you can see to the right.  Everyone had the opportunity to have their picture taken within the circle and took a video diary with your name and a little about yourself.

The circle members all received a cute little yudu tote, cricut markers, blades and a new charm to add to the charm bracelet.  They will be coming out with more charms that can be earned to bling your charm braclet. 

August 5, 2010

New Handbooks

These are the regular cricut cartridges. 

Reminisce Accents

Cheerful Seasons

Provocraft at CHA

Provo Craft had a lot of presentations, demos and make-n-takes in their booth at CHA in Chicago.  Today, I am going to highlight the new designed cuddlebug coming out.  You can see the video demo that I recorded by clicking here!

I was surprised when I had seen the cuddlebug up close and personal.  I had the old sizzix that Provocraft made probably about 7 years ago.  I lovely refer to it as BIG RED and you need some muscle to get that bad boy down!  Also, I don't know if it would break because he is quite heafty and I think he can also double as a door stop! I'm all for multiple uses and he sure is a workhorse.  So, I was quite skeptical about the cuddlebug because what I have seen of it quite frankly my first impression is that it is easily breakable!  I had spoken with some of the reps from the company including those responsible for the cuddlebug product line about my concerns that she just did not seem up to the task like BIG RED.  The cuddlebug I was assured could take care of all types of material and is not so easily broken.  Plus, the new cuddlebug folds up and hides the handle when not in use.  I must add that I have changed view on the cuddlebug and I do own some cuddlebug folders that BIG RED can handle as well.  The cuddlebug still had some weight to it which in my humble opinion gives comfort to it's durability whether accurate or not.

The only thing that I have to consider is that while BIG RED has been serving me well over the years it unfortunately does not handle larger dies.  While I have a lot of my needs served by the cricut, I do have some adorable dies that I still love that unfortunately I cannot create using the cricut.  Also, my BIG RED although he serves well and is a great workhorse, he will not handle the larger dies.  I bought the cutest Build-a-bear and you can cut all types of medium with the die including but, not limited to paper build a bear dolls.

So, the Sizzix Big Shot is needed to handle this larger die to cut the bears out.

If you want to see the complete line of Build-a-bear Sizzix dies and stamps as well as the Big Shot, you can click here to visit my online store.  You can order the Sizzix, Build-a-bear dies and stamps there including many other products.

So....which one do you need?  I think it comes down to how you will use it.  The cuddlebug has a great space saving design and folds up almost like a suitcase.  You can run your folder through it with all types of material.  The Sizzix big red will handle dies and embossing folders but, will not handle the larger dies.  The Big Shot will handle your folders, dies (including larger).  There are also new plates that are extra long that the Big Shot will process.  The best question to determine which one will serve your needs is what do you want to use it for? 

All I know is I cannot pass up the cute Build-a-bear items!  Perhaps, it is that I have little ones or maybe it is just the kid still deep within!  I think this cute bear has it right....."Life without stamps....UNBEARABLE"!

Be sure to check back! I will be adding more items from CHA and I hope it is not OLD news!  Being away for a week enjoying all of CHA, Supershow as well as events surrounding it has done a toll on me.  I have been trying to catch up around here and post as much as possible.  I hope that you are enjoying all the exciting events!  There are so many products coming out whether surrounding Provo Craft, partnerships with exclusive carts or other companies such as Stampin' Up! and the vast crafting world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and your visit to my virtual home if you will.  I hope that you will be a gracious guest and leave positive comments.  It helps to encourage the efforts that go into extending an invitation for another visit.  Also, if you have any Stampin' Up! needs, please visit my online store by clicking here! 

August 4, 2010

The next big thing – The Cheryl Antley Story

for more pictures and video please click here!

August 2, 2010


Congraulations!!!! Brenda won a package of Sugar Veil and Spreader!

The spreader retails for $16.00 and the Sugar Veil 16 oz. retails for $17.50. This package valued at over $33.50.

Brenda said...

Awesome giveaway!! I have been wanting to try sugar veil. I wish I could have been at CHA to see the launch of the imagine.

Brenda, Please send me your mailing info so I can send your prize on its way to you! I need to hear from you within 2 weeks! 

Congratulations Brenda and thanks to everyone who entered!

August 1, 2010

CHA Supershow Events!

On Friday, July 30th the cricut messageboard met up for dinner at Giordano's in Rosemont! Many of the ladies went to the cricut circle meet up that morning.

Pictured is Katharina in the cricut circle

Meeting a good friend and making wishes for new cartridges.  She invited him over anytime to spend special time. 

Katharina bonding with Jinger Adams and telling her how much she loves cricut cartridges and wants to make cookies if Santa brings a Cake machine. 

Katharina enjoying time with Jinger Adams, Provo Craft's Spokesperson

Then, enjoyed the day in Rosememont at the Supershow.

Many took classes as well on the two day weekend event.

Including a class even from Julie McGuffee, Designer and Host of Scrapbook Memories

Julie McGuffee

The reservations were for 55 but, even more showed up for a great time! We extended out from the party room into the neighboring booths.

There were many with creative cards to share and a special shout out to JeannieLynn with her cricut circle glittery card with lots of cuts and sparkly bling and butterflies. DazyCtr used the cricut circle logo on her business card....very smart! Scootingranny made her cards out of her cricut circle certificate by shrinking it down. Love the sticker of the scootin granny on the card as a special touch! KrisS made a circular card and even embossed them with a circle cuddle bug folder and there were highlighted circle bugs with "...see you in the circle". So many creative ladies!

There were some donations for prizes made by some of the ladies. Including but not limited to scrap kits, dvds, cricut pen holder, and a class for the next day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I tried to capture this special time. It was great to meet so many people both local and those that drove or flew a great distance.

TBUG sporting her cricut green with special circle embelishment.  Wouldn't that just look great with some cricut antennas?!

And I think the best name tag award goes to Melissa Todd. 

Now for more pics......

Those attending were: thescrapmaster and mother, RobinGoens, Allbuggedout, Lindaharris5, Jennifer Kozar, DianeD, coolmom, Emmy, kissakoala, TerriKrafts, Marti(pezadoodle), KrisS, LynneF, ScootinGranny, Melissa Todd, ShawnfromMN, Scrapsoffun, VK, AmyChomas, MeganAboveRubiesStudio, jenwithsprinkles, Croppin_Cassie, CreativeCritter_Tammy, KrisGris, Sarah Pink Cricut, LeslieHankley, gmCricut, SweetSassyDiva, Katharina, MyPinkStamper, Karlee, Stampleigh, CarrieK, Joneen, pinkrd1, NinaQuinn, ElaineS, JeannieLynn, Susan (Spartansus), Tbug and love2scrap777, CindyB, Debbiebakk, DazyCutr. 

Please let me know if I missed anyone or added someone that could not make it and I will update the list.  Be sure to check back as more pictures are added.  Please feel free to click on the link below to add any pictures that you have.  If you do not have a blog, just enter my blog address in that space and you can upload pictures from your files. 

Please leave a comment and reference the picture to share which picture you are in.  It was wonderful to meet so many and I hope we can do this again real soon.  I look forward to seeing some of you again in Waukesha, WI this coming Friday as well.  Otherwise, maybe we can gather again next year at CHA in Chicago.