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February 20, 2014

Save Big on Thieves!

If you are reading this, you probably know that I have fallen head over heels for Young Living essential oils. I know that they can seem intimidating and overwhelming, and maybe even a bit scary. I was just like you before I started researching and learning about them. Even after the oils arrived, I was nervous about them.
I have good news for you, though! Today, Feb. 20, there is a great deal on Thieves cleaner. Instead of paying $28.95 for a bottle of concentrated cleaner, I am sharing my discount with you and giving you 20% off of that. It is $17.60 plus tax and shipping. Shipping and tax will be $10 (this covers the cost of me having the order shipped here and then shipping it back out to you). For $27.60, you can try some of this oil stuff out for yourself! Check out the flyer at the end of this post for more info.
This cleaner is the real deal. No chemicals or things you can’t pronounce. It’s safe to use around kids and pets, and it is an amazing cleaner! One bottle will make 30 bottles when you mix it up. Think about that–30 bottles of cleaners at the grocery store would cost you $75. This is a good deal and smells great too. Want to give it a try? Email me and I will order some for you. Dip your toes into the oils without jumping off the deep end! Remember, you need to let me know that you want to try the oil as soon as possible, because the order must be placed tomorrow to get the additional 20% off.  Ok, great! Just shoot me an email and you will have this fabulous cleaner in your hands before you know it! And if you order, I’ll throw in some oil samples so, that you can check those out too!

Or you can place an order yourself  by clicking here!

If you order online, it will be at the 20% off only plus tax and shipping unless you decide to become a distributor and buy the "premium start living kit". 

Either way, email me and let me know if you would like to place an order for the cleaner or other essential oils by clicking here!

I have some more crafty items to post as well over the next few days too. 

I have missed posting on my blog and my crafty friends that follow me.  I always love the wonderful positive feedback and support everyone has given me over the years.