August 27, 2015


I'm sure for those that have been following me for a while now, I've told you about why I began using essential oils. If you're a parent, you know how important our children are and how we take great care of them. I'm so grateful that I found healthy alternatives for my family and in the process, I have been eliminating the toxins in our home, as a healthy byproduct. I am also eating better and the health and wellness company, Young Living gives me amazing options! 

I will be going to corporate and again seeing behind the scenes of the process. If you are near to their many own farms, they open the doors to you to see.  Not many companies are so transparent and I love their commitment to bringing the best quality all the way thru the process.

In celebration of how Young Living has blessed my family and how I know that you are getting the best therapeutic grade oil from a leader in the industry for over 20 years and the pioneers, I wanted to offer some gifts from me to you! 

There's 5 more days left of this month and for getting this amazing deal! You can get $10 off for new people or 10% off for existing members. 

For those enrolling in the next 5 days using my referral link, to sweeten the deal: 

Get a free bottle of jade lemon! It smells amazing and I love to add it to my water! Yum!! 

You will also receive a $25 gift card to use with life science publishing! They have amazing reference books that explain about using the oils! Or use it at lsp to get an additional diffuser! 

I can also add you to my private group and online training on how to use the oils along with recipes to get you started! 
The bonuses alone are worth over $50 value for FREE! Plus, the premium starter kit is discounted, when bought in a bundle instead of individually! If this isn't a sign to get this now, I don't know what would be!? 

You also get entered into a drawing for an amazing giveaway in my oily group, A Drop A Day.  Be sure to be added to the group and enter your order information into the google document. The group is exclusive for my customers. 

For the existing members of A Drop a Day, your purchases this month count towards this drawing too! Not just New Premium Starter Kits this month. Plus, double the entries, if you are on essential rewards (ER). 

Let's talk about what works best for you and I am scheduling one on one time now. Secure your time and don't miss out on this offer! I only have a few gift cards and have set time aside for teaching a couple of people, as my kids return to school.

Referral link: 

Offer ends August 31, 2015.  

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase. I ♥ your support. 

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