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May 17, 2010


Do you wonder how your scrapbooks will look in the coming decades?  Here is an album from the 40's.  It was interesting to even see a telegraph.  I suppose that would be the equiv. to our modern text or email or perhaps twitter or facebook.  How will our communications be viewed in the coming decades?

Be sure to use some acid free, lignin free items when possible and encapsulate those items that are not.  Also, remember that over time your ink might fade and we wouldn't want our setiments to disappear or our efforts to crumble.  The Stampin Up craft (pigment ink) is the best to use for archival items to last a lifetime and beyond.

You can order them 24/7 from my stampin up website click here to see promotions.  Once you are ready to shop click on 'buy now'.  Or you can contact me to place an order.

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Kate said...

I just received my Gran's scrapbook with photos and clippings from the 30s through 70s. It's incredible to see everything. Years from now, our grandchildren will be doing the same with our scrapbooks. Perhaps I should do some layouts!!

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