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April 24, 2015

DIY Spot Remover

We went out to celebrate last night as a family.  We went to the Olive Garden and My little girl wanted to wear her white ensemble.  You know because that makes sense! 

Are you thinking what I was thinking? Oh no! Crazy to wear white on a little girl at a place that excels at red (spaghetti) sauce and sauces with lots of fat to stain clothes! So, ok she had her heart set on white. I get that and I had it covered. Really I did! I had her take her white jacket off and explained how to be careful to not get spaghetti sauce on herself. Napkin given and talk complete. Food comes and you know the shuffle with tons of distractions with the kids and husband? Yes, lots of that going on. 

You know where this is going right? So, before I could get situated and help her, she grabs the big ravioli to precede to shove it full on in her mouth. Nope! It didn't make it to her mouth as it flops of course red sauce side down! Planted not on the beautiful red flower but, yep you know it, right on a big spot of white! 

So, I blot off as much of the sauce as I can at the restaurant. I'm sure this skirt has completed it's service because that isn't coming out! 

After blotting: 

Yes it was a big old stain and even getting it to look like this was fortunate! 

So, we finished dinner and when we get home, it's time to work my magic. 

I posted a while back about a laundry spot remover.

It helped in the past but, can it do anything for a garment that can be washed cold and really the label recommends dry cleaning. Well, I don't know about you but, dry cleaning? I think not esp on kid's clothing. 

I grab my measuring spoons and mixing bowl with ingredients to begin the magic show! You know as this will be a true magical fear to salvage this one! I even thought of dying it all over with spaghetti sauce! Really, I didn't think this was going to happen. 

I mixed up the ingredients, turned the skirt inside out and worked the liquid gently thru the stain. The thought is that by treating it reverse, it pushes the stain back out rather than deeper into the fabric. A few minutes later, it looked like this: 

Ok it looks better but, still very visible. Deep breaths. 

I put it into the laundry machine on a gentle cycle following the instructions on the garment label. I added a capful of thieves cleaner with woolite and said my peace. 

I was flabbergasted! Is that a word? It took the stain out! It worked better than ever was my personal experience with any other pre-treatment stain remover product! 

Check this out! 

Mommy saved the day with Young Living Thieves Cleaner! 

You can replace a lot of cleaners with the thieves cleaner and as I showed you, it worked so well as a pretreatment on stains! 

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