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December 16, 2015

Itovi device

Have you seen this? It's like the zyto scanner but, for the smart phone! Uber portable and convenient!

It's not too late to get an itovi! 

The iTOVi device is compatible with the following:  
iOS: Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Android: Requires KitKat (4.4) or newer.  

Make sure you use the referral link:
to order. 

ordered the following Itovi device in December.  What I saw that I like...
 1) Lifetime membership - No monthly subscription at the choice level. 
 2) Small hand held device that works with both Apple & Android
 3) Referral program
There is a new scanning product called iTovi ( ) that has been on the market for 9 months. It is akin to the Zyto scanner but operates faster and runs off your smart phone instead of a computer.

Free training: 

Here's what the report will look like. It will have the various items listed and description. 

Bobbi Jo 

This is an excellent promotion, if you want a scanner for your family and to help your downline members and friends, I highly encourage you to get in on this!
Over the course of a lifetime of use you are saving thousands. It is small enough to carry in your pocket. It measures about 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4".
You have to use a referral link. Here's mine: names do NOT work. 

Here are the benefits of this device:
 1. It is very small and portable. It fits in your fist so you can carry it in a pocket or purse. Hello! Scanning on the go! 
 2. You can still scan animals and small children. It would actually be much easier with this device.
 3. It runs from your smart phone and you can print the report from there or message or e-mail it to the person scanned.
 4. This device also gives you an overall wellness score in its readout.
 5. Like the Zyto Compass, it does reference oils and supplements.

Some other differences:
 1. This device will not give you radically different readings, if you do subsequent scans in close succession.
 2. This device can give you the top three choices you are scanned for or change the selection up to 10. 
 3. It is compatible with IOS and Android systems. For IOS you must be 8 or higher, for android it needs to be kit kat or higher.
 This link shows a great video
It uses the same technology as the Zyto...GSR (galvanic skin response), but some additional technology that is used in medical devices and things that you are already familiar with like the FitBit (and similar devices) and also takes into account your BMI (body mass index).
This device is a little more affordable than the Zyto Compass and one convenient feature is that it is very portable. The device is held in the hand rather than the hand resting on a hand cradle. It operates from a Smart Phone (either iPhone or Android....with certain system requirements).
 It is small and compact and wireless, that makes it very convenient and you could carry with you and we all have our cell phones, right?
 It also gives you an overall wellness score and tests more than 200 bio-markers vs. 76 (for the Compass).

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