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April 4, 2016

Free Frank

Did you see this? 

Seriously amazing! Jump on this!!! 

Reconnect with team members through our first-ever reactivation product offer, where members can earn a FREE 5-ml Frankincense in April! Spring into action and share this offer with your team!
Promotion available April 1–30.
Reactivation order must be at least 100 PV.
Only former, currently inactive members who have not placed an order since at least March 2015 qualify for the free 5-ml Frankincense.
The inactive account has to have been completely inactive since at least March 2015.
Members who placed an order in March 2015, are able to participate in this promotion after March 2016 commissions have finalized. Which is around April 20th, 2016.
The inactive member must pay with his or her own form of payment.
The reactivation order can’t be an ER order.
When you call (800) 371-3515, tell them your enroller/sponsor is "1599704". In addition to the free Frankincense, you will get a special gift. 

Q: What is the Spring Back Promotion?
A: The Spring Back Promotion encourages inactive members to reactivate with Young Living. If they reactivate by placing an order of at least 100 PV, they will receive a free 5-ml bottle of Frankincense essential oil.
Q: Who is considered inactive?
A: Members are inactive when they haven’t placed an order in 12 months or more. For this promotion, the participating member can’t have placed an order more recently than March 2015.
Q: How does an inactive member place a reactivation order?
A: Inactive members must call Member Services to reactivate their account with a sponsor and enroller. (Tell them you want to reactivate with 1599704) They can then place their order over the phone with Member Services or log in to Virtual Office and place their order online. If they can’t remember their login information, they can update it with Member Services.
Q: What do inactive members need to do to qualify for the promotion?
A: They need to place a reactivation order of at least 100 PV to receive the free 5-ml Frankincense essential oil.
Q: Will the oil be shipped separately or included with the reactivation order?
A: The oil will be included automatically in the reactivation order, and they will be shipped together.
Q: Can a reactivating member qualify for the free Frankincense more than once?
A: No. An inactive member can only reactivate one time per year.
Q: Can someone place the order on behalf of the inactive member?
A: No. The order has to be placed by the inactive member.

If you have never purchased a premium starter kit, you can sign up here:

You will get these beauties and get to choose your diffuser too! 

In addition, here are the April free promos! 

This is an amazing deal and I'm so excited for you to get these! 

Bobbi Jo 

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