February 12, 2010

Lollipop Flower Favors

Well, I was up all night making way too many Lollipop Flower favors than I care to admit for my darling son's kindergarten class.  I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do that especially when I went to his classroom and saw that no other Mother's had taken the time to painstakingly make dozens upon dozens of favors.  Thankfully, I found that there were other crazy crafty Moms like myself that had little to no sleep and so much blood sweat and near tears to make some beautiful favors!  Of course they were not in my son's class!  I do know of another crafty Mother in his class but, I was the only one that made these or any other scrappy favor with their child. 

Of course if it was not enough that I had made this proudly for my son's class but, there were children that did not even have their names written on the store bought valentines.  To add insult to injury and severe exhaustion as my darling baby girl did not want to sleep while I was 'trying' to finish these up, the teacher wanted me to not only 'help' the other children with their valentines to write their names on it but, to also assemble the valentines.  :shakes head:  I helped but, did not let the child get away with passing the buck so to speak which their parents had done. I guess at least they bought some valentines and I should not feel that my feathers were ruffled so to speak.  Rather I guess it is sad that their parents had not taken the time to even prepare the store bought favors.  It is about the quality time and memories spent not about just throwing things or money to something. 

I think that my son was proud of his favor. He loved that we added a coupon for Chucky Cheese to it.  I printed it out on nice cardstock as well but, still had him practice his writing rather than let the printer do all the work.  Afterall, practicing handwriting especially early on is great especially when it does not seem like learning.  He also cut out the coupons to practice his scissor skills rather than using a paper trimmer but, you can certainly do that for straighter lines. 

When he handed out his favor, you could hear the children get so excited over a sweet treat that looked so nice and of course a Chucky Cheese valentine attached to it!  Wow if only Chucky Cheese was around when I was a child.  Although we enjoyed going to other venues such as Skatetown (roller skating), bowling, movies etc. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I have included the link to the Chucky Cheese site if you decide to make your own.  Also, you could use them later if you trim off the dated coupon and perhaps add a golden coin to it or a card with some coins to it.  I guess if Chucky Cheese finds that this is successful, perhaps they will offer a new Valentines card next year.

I was inspired by the following sites:

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Here is the Chuck E Cheese Valentine's Day Cards



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