February 5, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

There was talk on the Gypsy forum about reusing the dryer sheets after their usefulness in the dryer for embossing rather than using an embossing pillow.  (you can find out how to wet emboss)  Also, it was mentioned rather than buying the embossing pillow to make your own using the corn starch in the baby powder isle. 

This got me thinking about the items that I save around the house.  I currently am saving cardboard from cereal boxes and other packaged items to make word/shape books.  Then, I was saving toilet paper rolls for my DS' kindergarten class.  That got me thinking that I could make books out of that as well.  So, DS and I made some cute little books.  He is excited now to save them up to make more books. 

He is so excited to find the labels on products to take to school for the labels for cash program. 

Perhaps, we should start to save our lint out of the dryer as well.  We can start to ask for others to save their lint for us as well.  Imagine all the free material?  It is not a new concept and I doubt that this woman thought of it.  For the love of lint: Woman turns trash into works of art.  You can use lint to make a clay-like substance.

Or perhaps, you want a fine picture to hang in your personal gallery such as Princess Diana.  And I have seen other more modern works. 

We could also make our own paper with our paper scraps that do get tossed and mix in some lint for good measure.  That would surely be a personal copywright mark on who created the project or at least the lint that went into the creation. 

What do you do to reduce, reuse or recycle? 

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