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December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Perhaps, it is the end of year reflection or that I see so many posts for prayer requests in my Facebook timeline for the health of themselves, loved ones or the heartbreaking loss of so many they love or the loss of a fellow mom that I got to know about 6 years ago who tragically took her life, I have been thinking seriously about my friendships, the health of my family and myself and so many things that I am grateful for as well as what can be improved upon.  Be grateful for the good things or you'll never be grateful for anything. Make changes now so, you do not have regrets when perhaps it is too late. Sometimes when you think it is too late, it's not so, reach up and get up to fix things! You CAN do it! 

The ultimate life was a great movie with little gems. In the movie, they called it a golden list but, it's making a gratitude list daily.  Writing them down in a journal or a post it on your fridge, computer or wherever you see it! 10 things you're grateful for everyday. 

I've been reading a book that this just seems to resonate with me and really went with this man's quest.  There are 7 key areas that must be balanced and grow to live the life of your dreams. They are fitness, family, finance, faith, field, friends and fun.  If you are not in balance, it may propel you in one area at a much greater cost of so much more! 

I will be taking some time to sit down and not only make a note of my gratitudes but, to reflect on the 7 key areas and find my balance & grow points. Many of my gratitudes for 2014 have been because of the improvements made with and around young living essential oils.  It has helped me to find #oola. 

2015 Goals for a Happy Year & Improved You! 
Did you know that smells shape our moods, behavior and decisions through our olfactory system? They can even control your behavior without conscious effort. 

These are the top 10 things that we will commit to in the new year and the essential oils that can help you achieve your goals through the power of scent. We've all broken a New Year's resolution in the past but, not this year. This year, we're kicking the bad habits and living a longer, happier and more significant life. 2015 is our year! 

Lose weight, volunteer, quit smoking, go to school, get a new job, save money, reduce stress, eat healthy / get fit, reduce debt, take a vacation. If you have other goals, let's talk personally about those! 

What are your #gratitudes and what are your goals for the new year? 
#happynewyear #sweetsassydiva 

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We also have a private group on Facebook that has recipes and discusses the Young Living Essential Oils.  If you do not already have someone that you purchase the oils through nor a Young Living account currently, pleaseClick here to email me and ask to be added to the group! 

We are doing a healthy resolutions challenge in our private group. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

December 31st is the last day to get this incredible deal with me. 

Let's make 2015 our best year! 

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