October 19, 2010

Gypsy and Imagine Updates!

Gypsy/Imagine Update (PHASE 1)

1. Edge to Edge printing (Imagine only update)

- Full bleed (may leave a small boarder on your paper depending on how well it is aligned)

- Overspray: this will print just beyond the edge of the paper leaving a bit of ink on your mat which can easily be rinsed out with warm water – this assures a full bleed.

PHASE 1 Gypsy/Imagine Compatibility

1. Allows you to cut your classic Cricut Cartridges with Cricut Imagine using Gypsy (no printing using Gypsy, yet)

2. Cricut Imagine and Gypsy bug fixes: this will be standard with most upgrades to ensure you have the best experience with your machines.

3. No special Gypsy design features with Imagine content (like welding, stretching, etc.), just yet.

Steps for Using a Cached Pattern

1. To use your cached pattern select the image you want and edit it by clicking on the pencil icon to go to the Edit screen.

2. Select the cached pattern and it will be added to the image or layer you selected.

Steps for Deleting a Cached Pattern

1. To delete a cached pattern select and hold your stylus down on the cached pattern

2. A small box will pop up saying, “Clear Pattern.” Select it and the cached pattern will be deleted in a couple of seconds.

3. Also, simply turning off the Imagine will delete all cached patterns.

They are giving away a Cricut Imagine!  More details on how to enter on the website!


Stephanie said...

I just got the imagine and can't find out how to link it to DS or Gypsy, do you have any information? Thank you!!!

SweetSassyDiva said...

ds doesn't work with the imagine. the gypsy will hook up to the imagine like it does with the other cricut machines. you can only use the gypsy to cut old cartridges with the imagine at this time. unfortunately, you are still unable to link your imagine carts to the gypsy. hopefully, provocraft will update so, the promises of cha will be functional. for more information, you can contact provocraft and perhaps they will have more information. hth

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