October 23, 2010

New Machine coming!

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I wonder if this is the November release coming......???? Will you be getting this? Do you have the original or will this be something you will add?


Summer said...

TFS this video and keeping us all up to date or mabey just on our toes!

~*Jen*~ said...

He he he a mini cake machine huh...interesting.


S Glup said...

I hope not...lol...I'm wanting it to be a compatible CDS for the imagine...perhaps wishful thinking huh...lol...TFS
}}}HUGS{{{, Sheri G

Carol said...

I read somewhere that this isn't the new release on HSN.... it's going to be exclusive to Joann's. I still wonder what the HSN release is going to be!!! I'm not really interested in either size Cake... with just me and DH and only sometimes my teen stepdaughter, I don't have a need for it.... YET!! :-p

Laura said...

Nice machine but that would mean I would have to cook right? Now if that takes time away from my making cards and embroidery designs guess I don't need it now if I could use it to work with my cards I'd say I want it then gggggggggg

Esmommy said...

I love and would use it (I think) but think the price is a little high for a mini machine. I will wait till it goes on sale!!
NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

Cyndi S. said...

I have the original one and love it ! It's nice to see one smaller. Less space for those who don't have much room.

Milamemories said...

I don't think I bake enough to get this machine, but you never know if the price is right. LOL



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