June 25, 2011


Hey there. This is Misty over at The Daily Scrapper. I made the Tea Pot Card on Every Day Pop Up Cards. I know I know It does not start with M but M is a pretty popular letter and so is L my middle name and last name. LOL So I went with E because my middle name is LEE. Plus it is my favorite letter.
The paper is all from a 6x6 Bazzil stack.
Here is the finished card front.
The front is a straight forward card front but I took a few pictures to try to explain the pop up part in the inside. I went with the word SMILE because my card is not an upright card and the tea cup is set for a stand up card.
Here is the pop up portion cut at 4 inches. I used the pop up feature and this is the shift option. Then you fold it at the indentions. When you cut it you will see a small indent on each leg. Score it at that point for all 6 legs.
Hold the card at a 90 degree angle and glue the legs at the score portion to the card top and bottom. I had to fold mine in a bit more because it was too tall when you close it. So rather than cutting another one, I just folded the legs a bit higher up. :)
Then hold down the card to make sure it closes properly and allow the glue to dry. I like the Mono liquid for these because it holds soooo well.

Here is what it looks like standing up and a bit open. You can see the pop up portion starting to pop up.

Here is the card opened up.
I hope you like this project. These cards are a bit tricky so use some junk paper and play around a bit the first time. They come out VERY cute!!!! Have a SUPER day!!!


the purple muse said...

Love it! Very unique:-)


Suzanne said...

Great job Misty! I haven't tackled this cart yet but you made it look easy.

thekolbes said...

Love it

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