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October 21, 2011


This week we were asked to come up with something to give away...or for giving for trick or treating...something along that line. I decided to go for something sweet, since I'm not a big Halloween person. I do love fall though, and don't deprive the kids of trick or treating....I'm just not into the spooky side of things. So for my giving I'm making cupcakes for a marriage group that I attend, and am going to top them with these cute "lollipops" as my 3 year old insists that they are. These are easy to make, and turned out really cute. I am finding however that the things that I like the most end up taking more time then I thought that they would because of the smaller details.

These are the basics of what I used to make my toppers. The green strips were cut at 2 inches, and then edged on one side with my friskar punch. I then scored each of them at 1/2 in intervals, made the accordian fold. These will make the rosettes. I cut out 1 1/2 in circles in black cardstock (geoge and basic shapes) and 1 1/4 in jack-o-lanterns (gypsy wanderings)

I glittered the pumpkins and let them dry for a couple of days...the last thing I want is glitter on my cupcakes. I then glued them to the black circles. I made the rosettes out of the green strips, however I took the lollipop stick and glued it at the meeting point of the rosette. I then glued the cicle in the center and let it dry. After it dried I glittered the edge of the rosette with green glitter glue to add a bit more shine.

There ya have it, a sweet topper for a sweet cupcake.

cricut cartridges gypsy wanderings and george
cardstock in green, orange, black
orange glitter
green glitter glue
lollipop sticks


Suzanne said...

Angie what a clever idea. These are so cute and kids will love them.

Edwina said...

I love it! Edwina Brown

Unknown said...

These are super cute and I think I could use them to cover 'real' lollipops for my grandkids :)

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