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October 26, 2012


Hello all my crafty friends, Brenda here today.  This week on Sweet Sassy Diva my design team sister Misty gave us the challenge to use any die cutting system to make a project with this week.  Soooo, I decided to go "old" school and use my Cuttlebug to make a very popular project that all Stampin' Up people want to know how to make. You see the fall/winter mini came out and right on the cover of the catalog is this gorgeous ornament.  But my Cricut and Cameo people don't worry you can make this too using two different ornament dies from a Cricut cart or from the Cameo store that you buy your files from. So here we go, I am going to warn you though this is very pic heavy!!

Here is the ornament on the catalog that started it all:

I used the ornament Framelits dies to cut out 20 of each ornament, so you will have 40 in all.  They remind of nesties and work the same way, they just don't emboss. I cut 2 paper strips at 2 1/4" for the small ornament and you can get 10 ornaments out of each strip for a total of 20.  My larger strips are cut at 3" and you can get 5 larger ornament out of each strip, so you will need 4 of those to get 20 ornaments out of. Yes, my Cuttlebug plates are well loved! lol  They are my orginal ones and my son gave me my Cuttlebug several years ago for Christmas.

Here are my shapes all cut out, I have two piles of 20 each.

Now you are going to fold your shapes in half but leaving 5 of each shape unfolded.  You will have 5 piles of each ornament with 4 ornaments in each pile. 3 of them will be folded in half.  If you are using double sided paper like I am, fold one ornament one with the pattern of choice so that it is on the inside and the other ornament fold the opposite way. Clear as mud, right?!

After you have them all folded in half you are going to start gluing.  I used Zip dry because they gave me some time to "wiggle" around to line up well but drys fast enough that I don't have to wait long. You are going to take three of the same ornament and glue them together one like a book, then you will take the three and glue onto a whole ornament.  This is one piece to your ornament, you will continue to do this until you have them all done.

This is what the front of your ornament will look like and then the back.

And here they are all done.

Now we are ready to assemble our ornament!  You will need 1 1/2" inch circle, mine was slightly larger.  You are going to take your 5 largest ornaments and arrange and glue them down to the circle like this:

Now you will need about 5- 4 inches of tule.  You will wrap the tule around your finger and pinch the ends.  I am now switching to hot glue to glue to finish assembling my ornament. Glue the tule in the middle of each ornament.

After you have all your tule glued down, you may have to trim is some.  As you can see mine is too long, so I gave it a trim and now this is what your ornament should look like up to this point.  Don't worry if you are not able to follow along with my directions, I will have a link for you to watch a video. I'm not the best at tutorials. lol

Now you are ready to attach the smaller ornaments to your tule.  Now this ornament will not lay flat against the tule, it will slope like it is "sledding" down a slope.

Now you are ready for your rosette for in the center of your ornament.  I used a Cuttlebug rosette die to cut my rosette.  You can also do it by hand if you don't have a die. Glue your rosette to the center of your ornament and place any embellisments you would like on it.  I put a crystal button with a flat back glass "pearl".

Here are some other ornament I have made stamping them.  You can do them in any holiday you would like.  I made a Halloween one to hang in my window. These are great to put on your presents this Christmas.  All the girls in the family will be getting one of these this year for their tree.  And as promised here is the link for the video on how to make these gorgeous ornaments.

Don't forget to finish off the back side of your ornament too.  You can place a scallop on the back with a stamped sentiment, to and from or you can place another rosette on the back.  This way your ornament will look beautiful if it gets turned around on your tree.  If you have hung in with this this far, you are awesome and deserve a metal! lol  Thank you and I hope that you will give this a try.  You don't have to have the dies I had, any shape ornament from any die cutting machine will work.  I would love to see if you make one, so please leave me a comment and I will come over to your blog to check it out!  Thanks everyone, happy crafting!

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