April 10, 2010

Green Bay Green?

I was looking at my color your world post earlier this week and I was wondering .... are they discontinuing Packer Green?  While I am not an expert and I must honestly say that I do not follow a lot of sports, you might want to check the colors that are discontinuing and make a score!  You definately do not want to miss the chance to scrapbook your favorite team or better yet send a card to the team that did not win the playoff.  Didn't Brett Favre move to a team with Purple?  There are a lot of shades of purple that are retiring although who knows if he will retire.  He might want to wait to have his grandchild see him play or at the very least be the only Grandfather playing!  hmmm, did he have anything to do with the 'going grey' retiring? 

If you want to order anything, let me know.  To recap, here are the retiring colors:

Enjoy your weekend! 

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