April 17, 2010

Stampin' Up?

I love that Stampin' Up takes all the guess work out of combinations.  It also has all of the coordinating embellishments that go between so many different lines.  It is not like one line will come out with all the coordinating embellishments for you to purchase but, when one of the components are gone you cannot pick up another and use it with another package.  With Stampin' Up, you have more time for creativity because it will tell you what goes with the paper.  I hate to try to search out cardstock that will coordinate with a print only to find that no store is carrying a color to match.  Or having to use cardstock or paper that is not exactly what I wanted or the quality because it is close enough to make do. 

What do you love about Stampin' Up?  Here are some ladies talking about Stampin' Up. 

I am so excited about the new colors that are coming!  If you want to order any of the color lines that are retiring, let me know. 

Have a Great weekend! 

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