April 26, 2010

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New Update about Provo Craft’s Angel Policy

April 23rd, 2010

We've gotten some great feedback on the Angel Policy revision we made last week as it pertains to cake. It's such great feedback, in fact, that we’d like to do something similar for paper crafters and mixed media artists. Moving forward, we're going to combine cake and other mediums so there's just one Angel Policy for everyone. And at the same time, we’d like to provide a bit more clarity to that policy. This will be the official policy going forward, and while there could be additional adjustments or clarifications from time to time, we don’t anticipate any significant changes in the near future.

This new Angel Policy still does not authorize you to produce and sell individual, unassembled cuts using Cricut products (i.e., mass producing individually-cut letters or shapes to re-sell). It does, however, authorize you to sell up to 10,000 completed projects annually (i.e., cards, scrapbook pages, finished cakes), using cuts made with Cricut products. This revision offers the most flexibility possible to those who wish to create and sell projects made using any of the Provo Craft products, while also protecting the creative ideas and images of the independent artists with whom we work to produce art for our cartridges.

We’ve tried to make this new policy as simple and clear as possible. We hope you’ll be really happy with what it allows you to do. But if there’s any part of this policy that you’re still unclear or unhappy about, please call our customer service department at 1-800-937-7686 and we’ll answer your questions. We also recognize that limiting the sale of completed projects to 10,000 differs from what we shared last week specifically with respect to the use of Cricut Cake. So if you bought Cricut Cake this week and find this revision no longer meets your needs, you can contact Customer Service by April 30, 2010 for a refund.


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