April 12, 2010

The Highest Forum of Flattery?

I was wondering what was up on the cricut message board that a long time poster was saying that she was getting messages from the admin about her posts being in conflict.  She was told that her account might be deleted.  Somehow, the product she was endorsing or rather selling, was thought by Provocraft that it would void the warranty of the Cricut.  I am not sure why they think that as they themselves sell a product that does the same thing.  She was just kicking it up to a new level and expanding the use of the machine.  Then, I saw an advertisement flash on another blog for a competitor product to hers.  Ah....could it be that this competitor product that states it is not affiliated with Provocraft or Cricut could still be somehow connected?  I don't know but, it sure smells like spoiling fish to me. 

Could this harrassment be the highest form of flattery or rather just an attempt to squash personal creativity?  The craft continues with new ideas and twists and turns.  Isn't it better to have people use your product rather than abandon it to jump to a competitors whole new product line? 

I would love if Provo Craft would embrace some of the other third party software ideas out there.  Perhaps compete and add the functionalities or expand upon them kicking the Gypsy up a notch.  I would love to see where we can take a svg or jpg and make it into a file that we can cut.  Or the ability to use all the multitude of fonts available online without having to spend so much on a single font cartridge.  I love the ease of using the Gypsy and would really love to make her sing. 

Provocraft rather than swelching the creativity why not embrace it and tap into your consumer base's talents?

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