May 21, 2010

It's Official!

Can you believe that this precious baby girl is officially 1 right at the time of this post?  Happy Birthday dear Katharina!  It is bittersweet because she is my last baby so, while I am excited for her successes, she is no longer my little baby girl.  I wanted to share my joy with you but, pardon me while I sneak away to embrace the last few moments before she is officially a year old!  Then, we will celebrate the joy of her becoming an official 1 year old!


Cher~ said...

How sweet. She is adorable. Enjoy EVERY minute. My one and only baby is turning 17 on Monday and it is really hitting me hard - to know only one more year before she's 18 is upsetting me more than I think it will when she actually turns 18. I'm a nut; I know.

Kate said...

Happy birthday Katharina!! What a gorgeous little one you've got there. I'm glad you snuck off to embrace those moments. They are precious.

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