May 15, 2010

Picturesque Cake

Here's a yummy cake that I made from scratch including the buttercream frosting.  Considering that I have never had any cake decorating training, I think it turned out pretty cute.  I did not do a fondant base on this cake instead I used buttercream.

I used the Picturesque cartridge.   For sizing details, see the youtube video just click here!  Come back Sunday to see more on the making of the cake.


Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! The colors are nice and bright and the icing you did a good job in smoothing it out. I still say you need cc! lol I could not resist.


scrappyRN said...

this turned out very cute. I think you did a great job, now just think what level you will go to when you buy the cake LOL

Jodie R said...

Great job! It is si cute! I just love this cart, but I never thought about decorating a cake with it!

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