August 5, 2010

Provocraft at CHA

Provo Craft had a lot of presentations, demos and make-n-takes in their booth at CHA in Chicago.  Today, I am going to highlight the new designed cuddlebug coming out.  You can see the video demo that I recorded by clicking here!

I was surprised when I had seen the cuddlebug up close and personal.  I had the old sizzix that Provocraft made probably about 7 years ago.  I lovely refer to it as BIG RED and you need some muscle to get that bad boy down!  Also, I don't know if it would break because he is quite heafty and I think he can also double as a door stop! I'm all for multiple uses and he sure is a workhorse.  So, I was quite skeptical about the cuddlebug because what I have seen of it quite frankly my first impression is that it is easily breakable!  I had spoken with some of the reps from the company including those responsible for the cuddlebug product line about my concerns that she just did not seem up to the task like BIG RED.  The cuddlebug I was assured could take care of all types of material and is not so easily broken.  Plus, the new cuddlebug folds up and hides the handle when not in use.  I must add that I have changed view on the cuddlebug and I do own some cuddlebug folders that BIG RED can handle as well.  The cuddlebug still had some weight to it which in my humble opinion gives comfort to it's durability whether accurate or not.

The only thing that I have to consider is that while BIG RED has been serving me well over the years it unfortunately does not handle larger dies.  While I have a lot of my needs served by the cricut, I do have some adorable dies that I still love that unfortunately I cannot create using the cricut.  Also, my BIG RED although he serves well and is a great workhorse, he will not handle the larger dies.  I bought the cutest Build-a-bear and you can cut all types of medium with the die including but, not limited to paper build a bear dolls.

So, the Sizzix Big Shot is needed to handle this larger die to cut the bears out.

If you want to see the complete line of Build-a-bear Sizzix dies and stamps as well as the Big Shot, you can click here to visit my online store.  You can order the Sizzix, Build-a-bear dies and stamps there including many other products.

So....which one do you need?  I think it comes down to how you will use it.  The cuddlebug has a great space saving design and folds up almost like a suitcase.  You can run your folder through it with all types of material.  The Sizzix big red will handle dies and embossing folders but, will not handle the larger dies.  The Big Shot will handle your folders, dies (including larger).  There are also new plates that are extra long that the Big Shot will process.  The best question to determine which one will serve your needs is what do you want to use it for? 

All I know is I cannot pass up the cute Build-a-bear items!  Perhaps, it is that I have little ones or maybe it is just the kid still deep within!  I think this cute bear has it right....."Life without stamps....UNBEARABLE"!

Be sure to check back! I will be adding more items from CHA and I hope it is not OLD news!  Being away for a week enjoying all of CHA, Supershow as well as events surrounding it has done a toll on me.  I have been trying to catch up around here and post as much as possible.  I hope that you are enjoying all the exciting events!  There are so many products coming out whether surrounding Provo Craft, partnerships with exclusive carts or other companies such as Stampin' Up! and the vast crafting world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and your visit to my virtual home if you will.  I hope that you will be a gracious guest and leave positive comments.  It helps to encourage the efforts that go into extending an invitation for another visit.  Also, if you have any Stampin' Up! needs, please visit my online store by clicking here! 

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Anonymous said...

i love my cuttlebug. i use to have a big red but sold him when i got the cricut but then bought my cuttlebug when i saw the embossing folders. i do like the newer cuttlebug machines but can't fathom getting a new one when my old works just fine

your cousin

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