May 9, 2012

Plant some Love!

Happy Mother's Day Week!!!  This is a fun week for me ~ it is my Birthday Week and Mother's Day!!  Lori here from ScrappinMyStressAway with a fun project that my daycare kiddos made for their moms.
I got this awesome painting idea from Teach Preschool which is an awesome blog I get many ideas from for my daycare kids as well as my son.  I bought these clear plastic squeeze bottles from Wal-Mart in the Wilton section and filled them with paint.  Yes I took the kids shirts off since I used acrylic paint.

Even the little ones had fun.  Only one tried to eat the paint!!!

We turned the 4 inch clay pots upside down and dripped the paint on.  This was easy and not nearly as messy as I feared.

While the kids were at nap, I got out my Gypsy and some vinyl.  I used Lyrical Letters and sized the "m" to 2.92 inches and the heart to 3.92 inches (1.17 inches if you use Real Size).  I copied enough to fill the mat.

Because we used such bright colors, I thought black would show the best.  I cut out the vinyl using the vinyl setting on my E2, but if you are using a regular Cricut you set your machine to 3-3-3 (blade depth, speed & pressure).  When I weeded away the extra vinyl, one of my "m"s tore ~ good thing I cut out extra!!

I used my scraper and clear contact (after I de-sticked it a little on my jeans) to transfer the image from the paper backing to the flower pot.

Once the pot is dry you can adhere the vinyl.

It is cute, but hard to see all of the letters at once.

I also put the letters and heart on one at a time since the pot is curved.  I did not want the design to appear wonky!
This is the one Tanner painted for me :)  The other kids will be planting their flowers on Friday so they have a better chance of staying alive for Mother's Day!!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day to all of the mommies, mother-in-laws, step-mothers, and surrogate mommies out there!!


Brenda said...

First off Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!! Second, OMGosh I adore these little pots!! How cute are they?! I love the idea of the little ones painting the pots with the bottles of paint dripping down, so cute and bright and just plain fun!! I also love the vinyl with the "mom" on the pots. What perfect gifts for the moms!!

Suzanne said...

So cute and fun Lori. Happy Birthday!

Cindy@ said...

What a cute idea. I bet the kids had a blast. I will have to do this when my grand daughter is a little older. Thanks for sharing.

JenL said...

Awesome project Lori!! I love how the kids planters turned out. I need to remember this project a few years from now. TFS!

Margaret said...

These are adorable! I teach preschool as well and am always on the look out for new gift ideas!TFS!!

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