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September 13, 2010

Imagine Projects

I have some pictures to share with you of some projects made on the Cricut Imagine.  These pictures were taken by me and were some of the items that Provocraft were showcasing the Cricut Imagine at the trade show. 

Sign up for the Cricut Circle.  Time is running out so, be sure to sign up!  There is a special for those buying the Imagine during the launch 9/14.  Don't miss out!!!!  More details at the end of this posting. 

This project is using Kate's Kitchen and you can see that the interior cuts of the chef are cut out.

The above Kate's Kitchen project was a photo I took at CHA in Chicago to show everyone the detail and what could be done on this machine.

The following use the Imagine More cartridge. 


In the Upper Left side, is the project using Kate's Kitchen and working your way clockwise is a layout with Imagine More followed by JT and another using Imagine More.

Here are some cute pillows made with the Imagine and canvas using the Best Friends Imagine Cartridge.

Here are a few close up shots of some cute projects using Nursery Tails.

 Also, I have instructional step-by-step directions and pictures making a scrapbook layout with the Cricut Imagine More Cartridge.  Click here to see Peekaboo layout!

Here are some more close up shots of projects using various Cricut Imagine cartridges.  Can you identify which ones?

This is the side view of the apron project. 

What are your favorite projects?  What are your favorite Imagine cartridges?

I have some more information, pictures and projects that I will be sharing with you this week.  Also, be sure to check the archives from this week as well as in July for more Imagine information and videos. 

Lori's Garden Imagine cartridge.  What can you Imagine?
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R said...

Fabulous projects!!!! TFS!


Kate said...

Incredible projects! I can tell you are having a wonderful time testing everything out!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get the new Imagine Cricut machine. Whoever designed this product is a genius! Since I have a disability, I'm home a lot and create greeting cards. This new machine is going to save so much time in creating them. Hurry up HSN....send me my "Imagine Cricut"!!!!!


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