September 10, 2010

Cricut Imagine More Project

I thought that I would mix it up a bit more and show you a project made with the Cricut Imagine More cartridge.

This comes with the machine and in the video you can see the images on the screen.  You can also blow the images apart to create layers rather than a flat image.  It is your choice on how you want to create the image.  You can also change the colors in each layer and still print it flat or as individual elements to layer.

Here is a picture of the 'owl grown up' image in three versions.  Now, these are flat for comparison. 

The middle image is printed as it was created by the designer.  The top image and the bottom image have been altered on the imagine.  To the right you can see a shadow of the owl was printed and the flat layer of the owl.  Also, for this image you can chose to print his yellow wings separately too.  There are a lot of possibilities and this is only a brief sample.

You could also cut out the images on your traditional cardstock if you have that beloved paper that you want to use instead.  Or if you have some really ugly paper, you could flip over your cardstock now and print on the backside.  This eliminates the wasted and lonely ugly paper stash you have.  Although I am sure your local school would appreciate even the ugly paper! :) 

I hope you enjoy the video and there is a lot of information packed in it as well.  Grab your popcorn and drink of choice while you enjoy the show!

If you are on email subscription, you will have to go to the blog to view.  The video shows the steps on the Cricut Imagine.

There is still a lot more information and other pictures and projects using the Cricut Imagine in my blog archives.

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Lysa said...

Hi Bobbi Jo,
I stumbled upon your blog while doing my imagine research. You have a wonderful blog. I love this stand up sign project. I could see using this in so many ways. These signs would be great on my table at a craft fair. I am looking forward to purchasing an imagine and seeing what provo will add to the cutter. I am hoping they will add a software package and an ability to import graphics. Thanks so much for the info. I will watch for more of your great ideas.

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