September 12, 2010

Cricut Imagine with Original Cartridge Toy Story!

I recorded this demo in July at Cha in Chicago.  Yes, it is me doing the demo.  Ok...I am no Jinger! lol  Here I am showing you the Cricut Imagine with the Original Cartridge Toy Story.  I also show how to fill the original cartridges with color using the Cricut Imagine. 

If you are following my blog through email subscription, you will need to come to the blog to view the video.  I demonstrate how to flood fill the cartridges and also how you can cut cartridges as you do on the regular cricut without adding ink.

You must insert the mat as I do in the video regardless of which method (cut, cut and print or print) you chose with the Imagine.

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My Creative Time said...

can you show a picture of the finished product?
I would LOVE to see that!
gypsy hugs,

locridge1 said...

Your video was very helpful. I'm really hoping that I am the winner I'm so excited. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Can you not print all of these images on 1 page instead of 3? it seems like a lot of waste.

also can you still cut only if you are out of ink?

Sonia Scrap A Lot said...

I would love to see your finished project, as well. Thank you for the demo. I bought one from HSN and now I won't be able to sleep from excitement until I get it!!!

Anonymous said...

You are like a cricut God to me...been playing with my new imagine and you made it so much easier...thanks so much..count me as a follower. (kidding about that God thing..but close though.)

Trish B in ky

SweetSassyDiva said...

If you select fit to page, it will fit it to the page. Note: this will reduce the size of the items. You can cut them using the gypsy but, the update will not add color yet. The last I heard is it might be coming in January.

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