September 7, 2010

To Layer or.....NOT!

I just have to say how cute I think that Monopoly guy is making an announcement!  I thought that I would share some images from the Cricut Imagine with you!  I am working on questions that I received about the Cricut Imagine.  I hope this helps to answer more than create more! :smile:

Here are some pictures of the cricut Imagine cuts using the Imagine More cartridge.  The machine gives you the option to cut the image on the Imagine cartridge as a single piece or you can blow out the layers and add dimension! 

On the left is the image in a single layer with only the outside cut.  On the right is the same image ...ok not the same size obviously...but into multiple layers.  After you assemble it will look like the image on the left but, with the traditional layering.

As you can see above, the word 'of' has a cut in the upper loop of the 'f' programmed to cut.  I realize that the cut is off and if you calibrate the machine and recut it won't be so off center.  Also, if you use your Gypsy, you should be able to add more shapes to cut out more of the inside of the 'o' and/or the bottom of the 'f'.  This functionality has not been added to the Gypsy yet.  There will be an update September 13th but, they would not share the details of what will be available at the time of the launch.

The 'O' was also cut on the Imagine using the Imagine More cartridge.  As you can see the interior cuts are made although this is a more simplistic cut.

As the paper used is regular white cardstock, ink will help the pieces to pop.  I just prefer to not see white edges in most of my projects.  It does take ink well and I used Stampin' Up! ink when I was playing with my projects. 

This project is using Kate's Kitchen and you can see that the interior cuts of the chef are cut out.

The above Kate's Kitchen project was a photo I took at CHA in Chicago to show everyone the detail and what could be done on this machine.
I have some more information, pictures and projects that I will be sharing with you this week. 

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Alma said...

I want this machine SO FREAKIN bad!! :)

Georgia said...

I want this machine too! Did you already receive your Imagine?

Jackie said...

Me too! I want this machine so bad I can already "Imagine" it in my hands. I just wish it would work with a computer and DS, like my expression does.

Valerie said...

Kate's Kitchen is so cute. Did I miss a new cart for the Imagine?

SweetSassyDiva said...

This is a new imagine cartridge coming out

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