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April 28, 2011

Updating the Gypsy!

Well....with anticipation of the new E2 arriving, I am updating my devices.  First, is the task of my Gypsy.  I must confess that it has been a while on this one. 

For steps and links on updating your Gypsy, Click Here!

Now, if you do have the sync on your desktop, you will have to 'replace' the existing copy.

so, 12:33 pm I start my udate on my Gypsy from version version 1.4 (0206:0212)

Just follow it's prompts.  About 10 minutes later it turned my Gypsy off and asked me to restart it.  Then, it was off racing to update the data file, uploading updates, updating cartridge information, updating cartridge overlays, checking cartridge library, missing fonts, and then it hung!

I called pc hotline and they said to close down the cricut sync window and we would redo it.  So, i did that and unfortunately the gypsy wouldn't release.  He informed me to restart the gypsy thorough the reset button on the back.  Now, I am running the Cricut sync again and there is another update for the Gypsy Imagine.  On to the next approximate hour update according to pc hotline. says it is uploading updates....Gypsy Imagine - content-full

After all that processed, and reconnecting the gypsy to the cricut sync, it tells me it is updated but, alas no!  I called again and if you go back to open cricut sync and go to the help tab and trouble shooting checking yes on all of it.  Third time a charm right?

Nope!  Apparently, the server crashed!  A third call to provocraft and the word is to wait until tomorrow as they try to get the server back up and running. 

I guess all of you should not update your provocraft devices and maybe then I can update mine! lol  I guess it's time to buy more server space on Provocraft's end? 

woo hoo!!! It seems my gypsy does look like it updated.  It only took 6 hours!  Off to test it and see if it really works now.  I do see the new E2 cartridges added.  Yea!!!  I am now running version 1.4 (0210:0219). 

I wanted to play with the Cricut E2 Anniversary Edition Machine cartridges on my gypsy. 

After my update, I do not see the cricut american alphabet.

Cricut Essentials?


Cricut Decals


Just a NOTE


Time to play!!!

I guess I will call it a day and not update the next device until maybe tomorrow?  Perhaps, it would be better to wait until May if you can?


Kate said...

I updated mine aannow I can't see any cartridges!

SweetSassyDiva said...

wow! kate call provocraft in the morning so, they can help you. I had to call three times today and finally they told me to wait until the morning as the server was down.

Kate said...

I will- I have the same version you do- but hopefully they can fix it before my E2 arrives tomorrow!

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