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December 12, 2011

Advent Calendar

So hard to believe its only two weeks until Christmas.  This week at Sweet Sassy Diva we were asked to make a Christmas decor project.  I decided to make an advent calendar with a muffin tin.   I saw one at the Scrapbook Expo  and really liked this idea but thought heck I will make my own.  
Well for once I actually did.  
Here is the completed Advent Calendar made using a 24 hole muffin tin.  I changed the direction of my project several times so I will let you know that as I go along.  
To start you need the 24 hole mini muffin pan.  I got mine at the local grocery for $10.  They have also had them at M's and J's (Wilton).  
Next I cut 24 circles using George at 2 1/4 inch out of thin magnet sheets I got at local stationary store in a package.  I then covered each with a 2 1/4 inch paper circle. I used scraps and glued with Tacky Glue.  I then put books on top of them to make sure they stayed flat.   
Now you can decorate the magnetic circles how you wish.  I was going to make diecuts but decided to make Rosettes using my Tim Holtz Die maker to give added dimension.  ( 1st idea change)
I was going to cut out numbers but found this sheet in a stack of Christmas paper I had.  (2nd change)
There was all these cute little holiday pics left on the paper so I decided to cut them out with a circle punch and glue them to bottom of pan.  (Change 3)
The last one has Merry Christmas glued to side and underneath says Night before Christmas.  
So I made a lot of changes but am happy with my finished project.  
With the muffin tin you can place a candy, gum or tiny toy underneath the magnet.
Last year I made Advent Calendars using cookies sheets which were $1 at the Dollar Store.  
Here is the finished product with a variety of Cricut cuts.  For this one we kept candy in a jar and they selected piece they wanted each day.  
Here is what they looked like underneath.  


Brenda said...

I love this idea of using a mini muffin pan for the advent Suzanne!! I love it because the cups can hold your goodie like a drawer. I love how you decorated you too my friend, so pretty and festive!!!

kellystar said...

Love your muffin tin Advent Calendar--adding it to my "to do" list for next year.

Babykitty said...

super cute. this would make a good gift for my BiL's family. maybe next year

Lori said...

I am totally using the muffin tin idea next year - my kids' advent calendars took 3 hours each to make this year, and one of them wound up getting stepped on in the first week!

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