January 7, 2012

Pitter Patter....

of little feet!  So my fellow circle sister Linda was trying to make some baby booties for a baby shower and needed 50-100 of them.  She was asking if anyone knew of a cricut cartridge with a baby boot on it.  I did a search and found a solution for her.  It uses design studio and the george and basic shapes cricut cartridge here!

The problem is that it has a time date issue but, you can follow the instructions here! to fix them.  It took a bit of running through the program but, I managed to fix the date issue with design studio.  Yea!  Now, instead of cutting by hand, the many that are needed should go a lot smoother!

Above is a picture of Ruth's slippers.  She added some ribbon to the sole.  The middle is a boy shoe with two variations on the girl's shoe.  If you want the gypsy file conversion that I made, please go to sweetsassydiva blog and you will find the file under my file page. It is using george and basic shapes cricut cartridge.

I can't wait to see all those pitter patter of little shoes that Linda will be making instead of cutting them all out from hand like this first prototype.

I hope she shares a picture of them all when she's done! I bet they will be so precious at the baby shower!

I also found a template that you can cut by hand and an svg cut file just click here!


Carol said...

Beautiful shoes great details

Suzanne cricutcraftingrammyblogspot.com said...

Love these little shoes. So cute!

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