June 15, 2010

As seen on the board...

Seems the cricut circle has started controversy.

News flash:

Enfy has started an exclusive club!

[quote] Good morning squarelets.

In answer to some of your questions, the fees are

$0000 US

$0000 CAN



You can pay by nopaypal

If you want to terminate your membership, please send this in writing, in triplicate, thirty six months in advance, or your account will be credited with another $0000

In view of the overwhelming demand for the shrinky dinks, this offer has been downgraded to a rubber band only. It is available in brown, brown and ermmm, brown. Please state your first colour choice when ordering

The first squarelets swarm will be held in London on September 1st 2010 at Buckingham Palace, her Majesty the Queen has graciously agreed to be our sponsor as long as we promise to walk the dogs at noon and again at 6pm

In response to demand, the second swarm will be held in Australia on Christmas day - organisers are planning a large barbie on the beach. Freezer T shirts will be worn, no thong bikinis allowed. [/quote]

Ladies!!! grab your passport! I see a world tour coming!


Dyanna said...

What a great sense of humor. I love it.

scubascrapper brandi said...

LMBO!!! I love it.

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