June 14, 2010

Cricut Circle Club?

Did you receive your invitation?

What Exactly is the Cricut Circle?

The CRICUT CIRCLE™ by Provo Craft is a select community of Cricut® enthusiasts. Cricut owners are the most creative, passionate, social, and fun-loving people on the planet. The Cricut Circle is our way to celebrate your enthusiasm (and ours!) for Cricut! The shape of the circle signifies inclusion, unity, kinship (think King Arthur and the round table). The goal of The Cricut Circle from Provo Craft is designed to bring this community of amazing people together to learn, share, and grow The Circle love!

What does life look like inside the Cricut Circle?

Four exclusive cartridges a year, one each quarter, (starting with French Manor) ONLY available to The Cricut Circle members

Special buying privileges like rebates, monthly coupons, and opportunities to buy other exclusive products for your Cricut, from friends and partners of Provo Craft

Extra reward points and special cricut.com discounts

A members-only bracelet with an exclusive Cricut Circle charm (get ready to be the envy of your friends)

A special Cricut Circle Community will come together through an exclusive Cricut Circle forum on cricut.com

Inspiration and education from exclusive Cricut Circle webinars, swarms, meet-ups, and events

A fun Cricut Circle blog and a monthly project-inspired online magazine to fill your mind with ideas galore

Charter members will have access to information and opportunities to become a part of the decision making process of future Cricut products by participating on research panels

Officially, the Cricut Circle Charter Membership launches June 2010, and YOU have been chosen to become a charter member of The Circle. We are extending this offer to the top 3% of our Cricut fans on Cricut Rewards and those who have registered their Provo Craft products.

The invitation to become a Charter Member of The Circle expires June 30, 2010 and is non-transferable.

To solidify a premier Charter Member number and receive 800 Cricut Reward Points, take advantage of invitations to galas, swarms and events

$275 yr
or $80 quarter (you do not get 800 pts nor extra galas, swarms and events)

What do you think about this? will you be joining?


C said...

I got my invite...but boy oh boy, they sure know how to make you think twice about joining. This is a bit pricey. I love Cricut and I spend way too much on cartridges. God bless my husband as he supports me in my hobby that I just love. But the membership fee is so expensive. Any idea if there are any discounts offered for membership?


Kate said...

I'm not sure. I did get an invitation but would really like a bit more invitation. I've never heard of any events being held in Canada. Some aspects sound very inviting, but I'm not sure if the cost is worth it. I'll do a bit more investigating. What about you? Will you be joining? I'd love to get others' reactions.

ScrapsofMe said...

How do you get an invite?

Rach1fun said...

nope, not me! Cant afford it, and even if I had that money in my budget...I think there are a lot of other things I could do with $275

Paper Addict said...

definately not joining... Am very frustrated with the whole idea. How do they decide who gets an invite, some have way more reasons to be invited than others, and yet there are some who have barely purchased anything and they get the invites. All this is way out of line, divide and conquer should never be an option

Anonymous said...

Puh-lease. 1. A Circlets-only forum. Why.... how exciting! You can talk on a forum board with other folks just like you. Oh, wait, never mind.
2. Exclusive Circle Avatar on the message board!! WOW! People will know how much extra money I spent to talk on the boards because I'll have a purty picture.
3. Monthly project magazine. Yippee!!! I can finally see ideas and projects in action! Oh, wait, never mind.
4. 800 Cricut reward points!! I can finally get that pack of gum with the Cricut logo I've been saving for!!!
5. Chance to purchase new products before everyone else. (Before everyone else sells them on ebay 2 months later for 1/3 the price)
6. Exclusive invitations to events that aren't held anywhere near my home!
7. Rebates on new products..... see #5
8. Panel research participation... PC hasn't listened with CDS or the Gypsy, but by golly, I'll bet I'll have super-duper service if I pay extra!
9. Educational Webinars!! Finally! Oh, wait, never mind.
10. Live Chat!!! Oh, wait, never mind.
11 The best part of all.... a FREE Charm bracelet. I'll be the envy of all of my friends who wait for me to show them my scrapbook jewelry.

Southernscraper said...


Gemini-Heather said...

I will be joining! I like the french manor cartridge. I didn't get the paris cartridge that came out a while ago so this french manor one really appealed to me. I figure $22 per month is what the year price boils down to and that is what I blow on crap I don't really need anyway so I just need to cut that out and I can afford to join the circle. I don't want to be left out and I will be getting something I love which is cartridges. So I figure why not?

SweetSassyDiva said...

I'm not sure if you are following and if you are please disregard:

I posted more info on the cricut circle club

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good way to make money off of one's ego! Really.....aren't we online because this craft is about sharing?

Oh....and the bracelet almost got me! Gee...to think that would make me the envy of all my friends!!

Vickie said...

Wow I enjoyed what Scrappy Kristin had to say she really knows her stuff and I will not be joining even if I get invited which I haven't and to Gemini-Heather you can still buy the vacation in paris solution cartridge many places and it's running about $24 once not $22 per month for a year. One last thought If we wait maybe PC will come to their senses and figure out that many of us just do not have that much money to blow on a club membership for nothing. I do participate in their surveys and I told them that maybe $50 per year would be okay, depending on what you got for the money. They did not listen so they can figure it out now with out further input from this consumer.

SweetSassyDiva said...

It will be interesting to see how people change their ideas either pro/con when the cricut circle begins. It's one thing when we speculate how things will be but, another thing when you have all the facts. It might be a great thing with the benefits far outweighing the costs or it could be something that was a great idea with no real substance. Either way, we should know a lot more within 3-6 months after the first starter kits and the next quarter starts. I am sure that everyone that provocraft has in their email account will eventually get an invite. 3% is only a marketing thing imho so, do not feel excluded if you did not receive one.

Babykitty said...

Yeah i agree. not spending that amount on that. Like Scrappy Kristen says. I am thinking for $275 i could get a whole bunch of the cartridges i don't have yet when they go on sale again at joanns for $33. i guess i can see if you own almost all of them it would be an advantage i guess. but that is a lot of money for a little reward

SweetSassyDiva said...

If anyone wants to join, send me a message with your email address and I will send you an invite. They are by invite only and open for a limited time. It's a great time to join!

Chris Wooten said...

I am thinking about using that money toward the new imagine machine myself. If they get cheaper with the club, maybe. I got the invite the first time around, but did not join.

I did not see a bracelet and cartridge once every quarter enough for me. I am sure others like it though. It is not for me at the moment.

I may change my mind if it ever gets cheaper. I just can not do that price. I would rather buy more electronic toys. I want the new apple Ipad, so I think I will pass this time too.

Thanks though for the chance to join.

SweetSassyDiva said...

If you decided you want to join the circle but, missed it....email me at sassysweetdiva@aol.com for an invite.

curlylox said...

it sounds expensive---do you get a free cartridge every quarter or do you pay additionally for them?

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