June 5, 2010

New cartridges

There are new cartridges at Wallmart that are small like a mini as it seems.  There are not bigger than a solution cart that is for sure!  $40 for not so many images as compared to getting a full cartridge for about $30-40 on sale.  And they do go on sale relatively quickly at that!  You do the math! 

1. B is For Boy

2. Baby

3. Billionaire

4. Block Party

5. Carousel

6. Celebrate With Flourish

7. Cherry Limeade

8. Cupcake Wrappers

9. Dude

10. Feeling Groovy

11. Handy Man

12. Hoot and Holler

13. Live Simply

14. Meow

15. Slumber Party

16. Sugar & Spice

17. Wildlife

18. Bloom

19. Botanicals

20. Splish Splash

21. Varsity letter

22. Savory

23. Lacy Labels

24. Chore Chart

Quite frankly, I am getting tired of similar images and quantity of cartridges spinning out at a non-reduced price.  When you can get a full cartridge for the same price that Walmart wants to exclusively have the smaller ones priced for is not a bargain or deal to me.  JMHO!  Happy hunting to those that are interested. 


Melissa said...

You already found these at your Walmart? Wow...PC hasn't even officially announced these yet!

**Treefrog** said...

There are some cute ones and some I would love to have but I have to agree with you, I am not going to pay the price for a solutions cart! It is very frustrating and not fair. Hopefully they will not be exclusive to WM and we can get them at a decent price elsewhere! JMHO too! LOL

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