August 20, 2011

Notebook Baby!

Hi Everyone!  It's Liza from Hoo's
  Haven't these Apple projects been amazing this week.  I
am so honored to be part of such an amazing Design Team.  I have been
slacking on all the daily crafting I used to accomplish, so I am very thankful
for SSD to keep me on my toes and not forget why I love doing it.

For my apple project, I decided to use my Gypsy!  Don't fall over....

I chose the apple cut on A Child's Year

In this photo, I have sized the SHADOW to appx 4".   I duplicated it,
and then FLIPPED it.
To make sure they would line up, I used my Y coordinate to be sure they were at
the same number on each cut.
I added a rectangle from Plantin Schoolbook in the center to create a
binding.   Once cut I will score the sides and fold it up.  Can
you tell what we are making now.....a little apple shaped notebook.

Here is a screen shot before cutting.  I have my SHADOW in the top
corner.  I cut the TAG and the TAG +Sft.  On the TAG feature I used
Hide Contour to hide the tiny circle that would cut in the stem.

This is why I cut the apple image twice.  Once in brown and once in
green.  I used my Xacto knife to carefully cut off the stem and layer it
onto the brown.  This gave me the green leaves I needed.

I have all my layers applied to the front of my cut.   I used some Ink
Spots to ink around the edge of the leaves and the red apple to give it softer

Now its time to cut out my inside pages.   I used the TAG cut for
this, HIDE CONTOUR on all the lines inside the leaves.  Added half the size
of the rectangle, welded and duplicated.  I cut this out on two sheets for
a total of 12 apple shaped pages.

Once all cut out I stacked them up and glued them into the binding of the apple
notebook.  To do this, I used Beacon Adhesives ZIPDRY. I placed all my
sheets in at once and used a clip to hold them together until it was completely

It didn't feel done to me at this point.  Something was missing......

I cut another TAG +Sft apple, inked the edges, added some bakers twine and a
cute polka dot button.  I used 3D foam tape under all this to add
dimension. feels complete.

Thanks for stopping by this week, I hope you enjoyed all the APPLE PROJECTS


Creative Cutter Room said...

This is so adorable! I hope you will come to my site and post it to the Back to School Challenge. I am a new follower and can't wait to come back.
I have a HUGE cricut publication opportunity coming up on my site Sept 6th.

Gramjak said...


Hi!! I'm a new follower and wondered if you would share the gypsy file for this darling apple book! Many thanks!!!

kastenc at sbcglobal dot net

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