August 11, 2011

School Books!

We are quicly approaching the end of summer vacation. As a homeschool family, we never really quit schooling, just the book learnin' so to speak. We have started getting the older kids school books in already and my 3 year old keeps asking for her school books. So for my back to school challenge I made her a colors and shapes book.
These little books were really easy to make, and she has been carrying them around the house informing everyone they are HER books. I love it!
I used 3x5 index cards for the base pages. Using my gypsy I laid out each page with the words and object. I also cut out a rectangle in the color to cover the lined side of the index card. I put eyelets in the corner, threaded ribbon and it was a book.
The shape book was done generally the same way, except I used a hole punch and a binder ring instead of eyelets and ribbon. Her favorite color is green so I used green ink around all edges to take away some of the starkness of the white. I also dotted all I's with a green self stick gem.
I hope that back to school is as fun and exciting for everyone reading this as it is for my 3 yr old.
DCWV The grade school stack (red with dots)
misc. scraps
cricut cartridges:
doodlecharms- lady bug, popsicle, teddy bear
gypsy wanderings- jack o lantern
new arrival- duck, butterfly
live simply- turtle
george- rectangle, triangle, square, star, diamond, circle
plantin schoolbook- all wording and shadows
self stick gems
3x5 index cards
silver eyelets
binder ring


Suzanne said...

Great ideas Angie. I will have to make some of these in the future for my granddaughters.

Natalie M said...

Great idea for helping little ones learn. I'd be tempted to laminate with my little one!

angie said...

I should have laminated them...she found her crayons....but she has carried them around since I have made them...which to me is the biggest joy when I create something.

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