December 9, 2011

Easy Christmas Stockings!

This year I have decided I wanted matching stockings for my family. I also wanted them quilted, in a homespun fabric, and very simple. Since I haven't found any I liked I decided to make them myself. (This is going to be interesting since I'm really not a seamstress, quilter, or patient...and then multiply times 8) So I was off to of my favorite places and found all of my project materials. My pattern is from McCalls, a plain cotton fabric, with a flannel fabric for the cuff, an embordiery hoop and thread.
This I found perfect it says "EASY" just my type of project. It ends up that I only used the pattern as a template and made it my own way. It does have a good pattern though. I wanted my stockings quilted, but I didn't want to buy more material to quilt the back....being that I also like to reuse what I have I used an old sheet for my backing. I cut out the socks, the batting, and the backing and pinned it all together.
I then quilted the material in squares.
I then sewed the two sides together.
The next part was making the cuff and putting the names on them. I printed out the names off the computer in the size to fit across the cuff. I then pinned it onto the material and backstitched the name in green thread.
After sewing the cuff on I added a loop made from a lacy, antique colored ribbon. That is it....nothing to it.
There really were easy to make. I've got 2 down and only 6 more to go. I am excited to see them all hanging across my wall this year. These also would be really easy to shrink to hang on the tree, or even to cut out appliques for further deocating. I just wanted the plain jane version to go with my style ;) Materials plaid/homespun material for the sock plain sheet for the backing quilt batting sewing machine embordiery thread/hoop and I used my "cricut" scissors for cutting string

- Angie


- said...

Looks great!! I thought you said you weren't a seamstress lol. I really love the way you added that personal touch stitching the names on there! Awesome.

the cricut scrapper

Suzanne said...

Very cute and I love the homespun look.

Lori said...

Those look great! (I totally would have cheated and bought pre-quilted material!)

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