December 14, 2014

12 Days of Oils Lavender

A French Kiss Bubble Bar by LUSH was the inspiration for today's project. 

Here's a video from LUSH showing how they make it.

According to the LUSH website, The list of ingredients: 

What goes into my DIY recipe: 

Here is our video showing the process: 

You can replace both the Cream of Tartar and Sodium Bicarbonate with one ingredient...Baking Powder. The Cream of Tartar mixed with the Baking soda is essentially double action baking powder. You need 1 cup powder. So, either do baking soda and add some cream of tartar, or grab the baking powder. 

I've read some not so positive articles on Sodium Laureth Sulfate and I wanted to avoid this foaming agent. So, I opted for Dr. Bronner's unscented pure-Castile Soap. It won't foam up like SLS but, will still be a luxurious bath. My daughter has eczema so, I wanted to avoid the SLS. Rather counter productive to have the essential oils that help, if I'm adding harsh chemicals. Lol 

3 Tbsp. Castille Soap (like Dr. Bronner's which you can buy unscented)

3 Tbsp. each of Glycerin and Coconut Oil (both lather well and are skin softeners)

4 drops each of Young Living Essential Oils Lavender, Rosemary, and Thyme. Note: you could do this entirely with lavender only. For those purchasing the premium starter kit to complete the 12 days of oils, either use lavender only for this recipe or add on the rosemary and thyme to your order. 

Take half of the mixture and dye with soap colorant. I chose lavender. 

1 tsp. Herbes de Provence sprinkled between or mixed into half of the mixture that you color with bath bomb dye. Additionally, a sprig of lavender for the finishing touch. 

Roll the two colors onto a piece of wax paper creating a log roll. 

Cut log into pieces and twist into a piece of burlap to create a Hershey kiss shape. 

You will want to store these in a cellophane bag to keep it from crumbling. 

TO USE THE SOLID A FRENCH KISS IN THE BATH: Crumble under running bath water. If you’re not using it quickly, package the rest up in cellophane bags, wax or parchment paper. These work best, when they’re slightly moist so, they crumble easily under running water. If you just toss them into a bath, the result is less than astounding. Definitely, crumble these under warm running water.

Lavender is the Swiss Army knife of essential oils and has helped our family immensely. 

We also have a private group on Facebook that has more recipes and discusses the Young Living Essential Oils.  If you do not already have someone that you purchase the oils through nor a Young Living account currently, pleaseClick here to email me and ask to be added to the group! 

Be sure to check back this month at for more creative ways and Holiday gift ideas to use the Premium Starter Kit.   

Here's the link: If you need help, I can help you with any questions and signup. 

You can also order the bottles separately through me too, although the kit is the best deal at approximately 50% off. Lavender is available in an individual 15 ml bottle. 

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