December 15, 2014

12 Days of Oils Thieves

If you have been following along, I am doing homemade gift ideas using the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit. As you can tell from the graphic, today is day 3 THIEVES! 

If you have looked on the back of a bottle of hand sanitizer, you will notice a huge long list of chemicals which most you cannot pronounce! Most are alcohol based and even the thieves brand from young living has denatured ethanol SD-38B (denatured with peppermint essential oil). 

I decided to make a version of my own Thieves hand sanitizer. 

DIY Recipe:
3 TBS aloe vera gel
2 TBS witch hazel 
1/2 tsp vitamin E oil
4 TBS distilled water
8-10 drops thieves young living essential oil

I bought a glass pump container to put the thieves mixture in. 

Step 1:

In a pourable container, mix together aloe vera gel & vitamin E oil and witch hazel. Stir as best you can.  Vitamin E oil is very thick.

Step 2: 

Stir in water & thieves, mix well.

Step 3:

Pour mix into container. This container is 6 ounces. 

We have a video that gives ideas on avoiding the sickies this season with essential oils and what to do, if the sickies strike!  I can add you to the group to view it. 

I used a tag from graphic 45 twelve days of Christmas in chipboard 1. The baker's twine is from the twinery. 

There is a complete line of thieves products from essential oils, cleaning products, hygiene such as dental care etc. 

The hand sanitizer, thieves mints and spray make excellent stocking stuffers and stash great in your purse or suit coat for on the go! 

We also have a private group on Facebook that has more recipes and discusses the Young Living Essential Oils.  If you do not already have someone that you purchase the oils through nor a Young Living account currently, pleaseClick here to email me and ask to be added to the group! 

Be sure to check back this month at for more creative ways and Holiday gift ideas to use the Premium Starter Kit.   

Here's the link: If you need help, I can help you with any questions and signup. 

You can also order the bottles separately through me too, although the kit is the best deal at approximately 50% off. Thieves essential oil is available in an individual 15 ml bottle. 

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