January 17, 2011

You'll Flip!

I am lucky enough to have both my kids birthdays with in a 2 week period. They both actually had the same due date when I was pregnant with them but Eli was born the 28th of Jan and Alli the 13th of Feb. So we usually do a joint party which sounds like it would not be too fair but my kids love having their partys together. Its like they get twice the amount of friends that show up. I was excited to make their invites this year and loved how they turned out. I used my Gypsy and was able to plot them out.
~*DCWV Cardstock from their Ultimate stack (the green with skulls and the zebra)
~*Red and pink cardstock
~*Post-It craft paper in white
~*George and Basic Shapes Cartridge (flowers)
~*Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font (skull and 'A')
~*Black ink (to distress the edges)
~*Black fabric paint (to make the dots on the edge of the skull invite)
~*Pink button and rhinestone to place in the middle of the flower
I made them just a single panel and then I will flip them over and write their party info on the back. My kids cant wait to share them with their friends!!


Tabitha said...

Very cute. Both are Aquarius. ;0) My bday is the 28th and hubby's is Feb. 14th! Lots in common! LOL I know your kid's friends will love them.

Kim said...

Your invites look Great!

Linda said...

Those are cute!! :)

I know how you feel...my girls bdays are 19 days apart. My oldest was born on my hubby's bday & our youngest was DUE on their bdays, but she came early. November is a very busy month!! LOL


Miria said...

Love the cards. My 3 kids b-days are all in July, not planned at all. My daughter is Jul 5, my mom is Jul 6, my middle boy Jul 11, wedding anniversary Jul 25, and my oldest boy Jul 27. Busy month for us, lol.

Yuveria said...

love the skull, the invites came out cute

Trisha said...

These invitations are very cute!! Lucky children and lucky you!!

SweetSassyDiva said...

Dec is our busy bday and events month. So great they love to share parties.

Monica Flores said...

Wow these are great! TFS

Libby Beach said...

Those came out really really cute! Great job! :)

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