January 1, 2011

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is an absolute favorite and I had it the first time in Paris on our honeymoon.  I cannot believe that we are going into our 10th year. 

So...I tackled some at home for the first time.  Here is a recipe that I found for Creme Brulee on the Food Network.

It sure smells yummy while it's cooking! wow!!

Now, the wait time....chilling..... I love mine cold so, it will be ready later.

I liked it best in a shallow dish and I had purchased these specifically for creme brulee.  You can use ramekins and some prefer more custard than the caramelized top but, not us. 

Then, lightly sprinkle some white sugar on the top.

You will caramelize the sugar to create a crunchy crust.   You can place it in the broiler to caramelize the top but, I think it's more fun to try out a new tool! 

A TORCH!!! This is not your craft heat gun and is meant for the kitchen.  The trick is to melt the sugar but, not too much or you will burn the top.  You want a nice carmel color not black charcoal. 

You can make it as thick or thin a coating as you prefer.  You want to do the top right before you serve it. 

Then, what you do is crack the top with your spoon.  My husband was happy to demonstrate. 

Scoop up some yummy goodness!

Notice, he didn't even wait long at all...He grabbed it right on the stove!

And then....I had to finish making mine before he came looking for more!

Happy New Year! 


Pink Cricut said...

OMG- this looks so YUMMY!
I have done creme brulee with my hubby a few times--he likes to do the top! :)
I have a recipe made with real vanilla beans--YUM!

Sounds like we can go to dinner together now--since we like the same desserts!

Libby Beach said...

lol, sounds like my husband! I haven't even sat down with my food by the time he's half way done! :)

SweetSassyDiva said...

Sounds good! We'll have to call ahead to make sure they have enough for us:)

iluvmybugs said...

Creme brulee is my favorite dessert (and I too had it in Paris....yummmmmmmmy!!!). Thanks for sharing the recipe link!!!

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