January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Hello My Sweet friends!! I have been absent from my Sweet Sassy Diva team for a little while, but I am back!! this week the theme is birthdays!! With that in mind, I wanted to do a different LO, one that was for a member of the family that does not get too much of my crafty attention! Sasha, my chocolate lab, just turned 4 this past December and I created a LO for her Bday!

I used leftover paper I had printed from my Friducha before deciding to return her.

The cute puppy face is all done by hand!! I have a tutorial on how to do it on another post.

Click on the picture to go to that post for tutorial!

Thanks for taking a peek!


Libby Beach said...

Awww :) This is so so cute :) Happy belated birthday to your pup! :)

Yuveria said...

Happy late bday to ur doggie, love the LO cant wait to see a pic in it :)

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