December 2, 2014

DIY Reed Diffuser

DIY Reed Diffuser

Supplies needed:

• Small glass container
• Reed diffuser sticks or bamboo skewers
• Water
• Young Living Essential oils 
Purification would be amazing in this!**
• Rubbing alcohol or vodka

Mix together about 1/3 cup water and 1 Tbsp rubbing alcohol or vodka in glass container. Add 20+ drops of essential oil and mix to combine. Trim reeds to desired height. Put 6-10 reeds in the diffuser solution.

Place reed diffuser in an area of your home where it is unlikely to be knocked over. Check weekly to rotate reeds and to see if more diffuser solution need to be added. Discard after 8-10 weeks.

 *Keep out of the reach of children.
**Purification uses: 

Purification can be purchased separately or the best value is the kit which is 50% off retail. 

Here's the link: If you need help, I can help you with any questions and signup. 

The Thieves or ningxia Red premium starter kit is an additional 10% off Dec 1-5, 2014, while supplies last. 

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