March 28, 2010

Paper Calamity

While working on a paper project, I had the misfortune of not finding the correct shades to compliment my printed paper choice. I found all but, one color…..a green for my little Martian. I guess a Martian can be another color because I really do not know the true color of what a Martian would be. I mean I have not seen one nor have I received an invitation or a visit from a foreign visitor. Although I guess you could count my husband if you count Europe…hmmmm….nope you can’t really count him although the INS states on immigration paperwork to write the alien's name! LOL  Anyways, I digress...back to the dilemma that has me baffled. How to find a paper that my machine loves without leaving all types of ragged edges?! GRRRRRR

So, I wonder if the Cricut is a paper SNOB? Could it be? I have discovered that the more expensive papers generally do much better getting crisp clean edges. It does not do well with the packs of colored cardstock from Michael’s but, it will do the Recollections line of printed scrapbook paper. And the above picture is the Paper Studio line in Lime Green Linen. It cut so badly, that I would be so embarrassed if I was out at a crop or having a class or demonstrating the machine. OMG! Could you imagine if I was selling this line of paper? WOW!

In case you do not know, the Paper Studio was open stock at Hobby Lobby. While I can use it to hand cut, I sure cannot recommend it in the cutting machines. The other two rockets next to it in two shades of Teal would be the Brazil paper. See how nice the edges are and there are no pulls? If I could find a local store with a bigger selection, perhaps I could find the correct Lime Green paper for my project.

The sad thing is I also bought some solid cardstock from Hobby Lobby but, it did not state Brazil paper on it so, my guess is it probably is not. I have not tried to cut that yet but, I hope it is better than the Lime Green Linen printed paper or it will have to go back.

I also bought some cute boys paper there from the Paper Studio line but, it might have to go back or be used for an all hand cut project. Although I think it will more than likely go back because I love to design and the weld feature is my BFF! LOL

Be sure to test cut a line before you stock up on it or, at the very least, do a test cut on it before you cannot return or exchange it. It is not like I can even use the Lime Green paper as a test cut because looking at that mess……. :sigh: I would say OMG it is a flop!

Have you made a list of the paper that you absolutely love? And a second list of those that do not work for your needs? I know that I am adding to my lists.


Cher~ said...

What about painting, inking, or coloring your martian? I would love to see your finished project. I like the way Core'dinations cuts, but sometimes I want just a clean solid paper. The heavier patterned papers cut well, but cardstock is always in question. I completely understand your dilema here. Good luck.

SweetSassyDiva said...

Yes, I have been thinking of cracking out the tool kit but, really didn't want to get my martian so heavily into the make-up so to speak! lol

I have not tried the core'dinations yet but, I have been wanting to try it out. I have not found it locally or at the places online when placing other orders.

Thanks for the ideas :)

xosparklesxo said...

How was I not following you already?! I have talked to you plenty before. I thought I was! Goodness I'm getting senile! *LOL* Thanks for posting your link! :)

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