March 17, 2010

Gypsy and Catridge Exploration Videos

Here are some Gypsy videos that are an overview and give you a good first look.  There are also about 6 mini videos that go over the buttons.  To reach the additional videos, click on the tab labeled 'gypsy'.  These are more basic videos for those that are new to the Gypsy or considering taking on walk on over to the other side. 

Also, beware if you click on the tab labeled 'cartridges' or here you can find a minute of cartridge exploration on a number of newer cartridges.  They also show straight from the nest just in case you are still not ready to fly on over to HSN to pick up your copy this video just might help you to make the leap. 

I also have some other links and pictures posted on my blog to further show you some of the creative ideas others have used the cartridge to create.  From birth to empty nesters as well as between and beyond, there is something for everyone in this cartridge.

Also, if you are interested in printing the handbook images to put them in a binder under plastic, you can get information on printing them here.  They will print out 3 handbook pages to one 8 1/2 x 11" page. 

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