March 17, 2010

And then there were more!

Seems the following cricut cartridges are on their way out......of course we have heard and seen Robotz but, rumor has it......

more cake cartridges ....of course for the cricut cake machine. Seems to be Birthday, Elegant and Holiday cakes are on their way. 

Also, the three Summer seasonal cartridges look like they will be:

Independence Day

Summer In Paris (I have actually been here and it was very near and dear to my heart as we went there for our Honeymoon)

Summer Vacation

Along with Robotz we also saw Nursery Rhymes at CHA but, it seems it will be debuting as well.  It looks somewhat like ACY. 

Here are some of the Nursery Rhyme sneek peeks from CHA.  I do not recall where I found them but, if you know, I would be happy to site the source. 

Then, there is also Create a Critter.

We should know more tomorrow during the Hello Thursday unveiling. 

Also, it seems that blackletter, christmas, sans serif and street sign are on the farewell list.  So...time to either scoop it up or hope it will be available on the secondary market later.  Or unless PC finds more and more or perhaps creates more like with storefront and daisy chain? 

Even though we might see cartridge images, you still never know if it will be an exclusive in a bundle like we are still waiting for Pink Journey.  oh or the Cake cartridge!  Or perhaps it is on pre-order with an online vendor and only some orders are full-filled while we wait for it to be released to the mass.  Is there a lesson that we were supposed to learn here such as...if you snooze at the high lose! (sound familiar....could it be ....picturesque?)  Don't we just love the high prices it goes for on ebay?  I know I am still waiting for them to be released to the average Jane and Joe!  Or the ill fated European cartridge? you recall although some sites had it on pre-order it was pulled!  hmm....were there any carts actually created to someday leak out in rewards, contests or the secondary market at rediculous prices?!  OH I know....they might split it up into 10 minis or distribute the cuts into other numerous cartridges so we scramble to get those? 

Only time will tell......When will you get your copy? Which ones will it be? What price are you willing to pay?  Good luck in your hunt!

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Melissa said...

I will need the Paris and Summer Vacation mini's! Thanks for sharing!

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